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Biomass Pyrolysis equipment for Bioenergy

  • Black Biocoal Pellets

    Black Torrefied pellets are the result of our proprietary torrefaction reactor technology that converts biomass into a biocoal with a much better fuel quality for combustion and gasification applications. Pellets are lighter, drier and more stable in storage.

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG) based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Torrefaction Blackwood Technology

    Torrefaction is a thermal process used to produce high-grade solid biofuels from various streams of woody biomass or agro residues. The end product is a stable, homogeneous, high quality solid biofuel with far greater energy density and calorific value than the original feedstock, providing significant benefits in logistics, handling and ...

    By Blackwood Technology based in WT Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS.

  • Torrefied Biocoal Pellets

    Biocoal, or torrefied pellets, produced by Airex's CarbonFX system is a clean and readily available drop-in replacement for coal. BiocoalFX is a clean alternative to coal. Turning a coal-fired power plant into a 100% renewable energy plant.

    By AIREX Énergie inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Biomass Torrefaction System Product line

  • Dall Energy - District Heating Plants

    We provide sustainable heat for district heating networks and minimise local air emissions. One of the main characteristics of our patented biomass gasification furnace is its ability to operate at low load i.e. with a span from 100% load down to 10 % load. This is ideal for district heating plants where the load requirements vary with the ...

    By Dall Energy based in Hørsholm, DENMARK.

  • Nesa - Multiple Hearth Furnaces

    The Nesa Solution, a leader for Multiple Hearth Furnaces (MHF), provides a full set of thermal solutions in the field of calcination and recrystallization, carbonization and activation, concentrate   roasting, torrefaction…

    By CMI Groupe based in Seraing, BELGIUM. from Thermal Conversion Product line

  • Bioendev - Torrefaction Technology

    Since the start in 2007, Bioendev has worked intensively to develop an energy- and cost-efficient technology for torrefaction with high mass yield and excellent product quality. With long experience and deep knowledge in biomass refinement, the founders and researchers of Bioendev have invented several unique and patented solutions, which has ...

    By Bioendev AB based in Holmsund, SWEDEN.

  • Carbon - Model FX - Biomass Reactor Plant

    The CarbonFX process layout of the Bécancour plant is designed in a compact configuration for economic efficiency. The plant is strategically located for the efficient movement of goods by road, rail or sea, including easy access to biomass feedstock.

    By AIREX Énergie inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Biomass Torrefaction System Product line

  • FlashTor - Unique Process

    Blackwood Technology’sFlashTor ®technology is a unique process to produce torrefied biomass.FlashTor ®is a proprietary multi-stage process using a series of reactors to convert fibrous biomass feedstock into torrefied biomass. The volatiles released during the torrefaction process (torgas) are burnt in a lean gas combustor, providing ...

    By Blackwood Technology based in WT Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS.

  • Torrefaction System

    Torrefaction is a new twist on an old process that roasts wood chips (or other biomass) in a low oxygen environment. This boils off volatiles and low energy density elements such as hemicellulose to leave a visually darker wood chip that has a higher energy density than regular wood and a natural resistance to moisture.

    By TSI Inc. based in Lynnwood, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Biomass Gasification Furnace Technology

    The patented Dall Energy biomass furnace combines updraft gasification with gas combustion. Main functionality of the gasification furnace: Biomass is dried and pyrolysed in the top of the fuel layer. Further down in the fuel layer the biomass is converted into a burnable gas and fine ash. The heat for the drying and pyrolysis process is a ...

    By Dall Energy based in Hørsholm, DENMARK. from Technologies Product line

  • shuliy - Model SL - Continuous carbonization furnace

    The environmental-friendly gasification continuous carbonization furnace is a method for carbonizing wood-containing wood materials (particles with a volume below 15mm) such as wood chips, rice husks, peanut husks, plant straws, and bark in the furnace under high temperature conditions. Ideal equipment with high carbonization rate.

    By Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery based in CHINA.

  • Biocarbon Fuel

    Integration into sugar mill provides guaranteed supply of low cost feedstock. Adds economic benefit to farmers and sugar mills. Eliminated need for mills to manage bagasse residues. Feedstock supply is locked-in.

    By American Biocarbon, LLC. based in White Castle, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Dryer And Torrefaction Process

    Adaptation of conventional wood technology for agricultural residue. Partnership with TSI exclusively for agricultural residue applications.

    By American Biocarbon, LLC. based in White Castle, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Biochar

    Biochar is also a by-product of our torrefaction reactor technology and is excellent as a soil amendment for the agriculture industries. Biochar can help increase soil fertility, agricultural productivity, and protect against some soil-borne diseases, it may also help mitigate climate change by producing negative carbon dioxide emissions.

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG) based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • CEG - Torrefaction Reactor System

    Torrefaction is thermal treatment of biomass in an environment with low oxygen content. Although the process is similar to charcoal production, it takes place in a much lower temperature environment that requires less exotic and less expensive materials, which results in biofuels with more favorable combustion properties, better mechanical and ...

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG) based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Biomass Torrefaction Plant

    Torrefaction, a mild form of pyrolysis, refers to the heat-treatment of biomass at 250-320°C with little or no oxygen present. The purpose of torrefaction is to remove moisture and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from raw biomass, thus converting it to a solid, blackened, hydrophobic (water-resistant) material. The final product, known as ...

    By AIREX Énergie inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Biomass Torrefaction System Product line

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