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  • Biogas and Biomethane Plant
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    Biogas and Biomethane Plant

    By Three-es Srl | BioBANG

    BioBANG is an innovative, effective and efficient cavitator that transfers 100% of the energy, cavitates, breaks up and permanently liquefies all types of biomass, even low-cost types, resulting in its immediate ...

  • Biomethanization Process Plant
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    Biomethanization Process Plant

    By Terix Envirogaz Inc.

    TERIX-Envirogaz’s TERMIX biomethanization process is a unique three-step approach. The process, proprietary to TERIX-Envirogaz in North America, has shown, through its various installations, a level of ...

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  • Three-es Srl | BioBANG

    Three-es Srl | BioBANG

    BioBANG is the world leader of biomasses pre-treatment. Its controlled cavitation technology guarantees immediate digestion of all biomass in biogas ...

  • RES Offshore

    RES Offshore

    We offer integrated development, engineering, construction and AO&M services for utility-scale renewable energy projects. From offshore wind to wave ...

  • G.E.I.T. Europe bvba

    G.E.I.T. Europe bvba

    G.E.I.T. Europe bvba Manufacturer of Online Gas Analysers, Portable Gas Analysers, Gas Detection Products, Laser Gas Analysers, Gas Conditioning ...