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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Project Den Hoorn, Netherlands - Case Study

    Bright Biomethane has built a biogas upgrading installation at the largest wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands, one of the largest in Europe, situated in Den Hoorn. This is Bright ...


  • EnviTec Biogas commissions gas upgrading plant #20

    EnviThan times twenty: with the commissioning of a 700 Nm³ EnviThan plant in Solschen, Lower Saxony, EnviTec Biogas AG has achieved yet another milestone in the German gas upgrading market. “In just five years, we have planned and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Mullite Blocks

    Mullite Blocks

    Heat storage body is the key components of  thermal storage style by the functions of improving the terms of heat exchange in furnaces, increasing the output of equipment, enhance the quality of products and cut down on reinvesting in equipment, Ceramic blocks enhance the burning temperature based on theory, improve the atmospheric burning, meet the high temperature of thermal equipment ...