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Low BTU Gas equipment for Bioenergy

  • Gasification Systems

    Biomass gasifiers operate by heating biomass in an oxygen-starved environment until the biomass breaks into its constituent chemical components. The process requires the input of heat energy for the endothermic chemical reaction to proceed that splits the molecules apart.  Gasification with air produces a low-Btu gas, with a heating value ...

    By Organics Group plc based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste to Energy Systems Product line

  • Lo-cal Range Gas Flare Stack

    The High Temperature LO-CAL range of flares offers an optimum solution for safe and efficient degassing of old landfill sites or sites with low quality gas. The innovative Lo-Cal high temperature flare is designed to provide greater gas control during the latter phases of a site. Low calorific gas high temperature combustion is necessary on more ...

    By Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS) based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare systems Product line

  • Low-NOx Burner

    BWE can deliver complete systems for multiple fuel types. The overall systems will typically consist of silos and feeders and of cause mills, PF-piping and burners. Design and choice of feeders and mills will be based on fuel characteristics and BWE specifications and will typically be selected from the top end suppliers within this field. BWE ...

    By Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S (BWE) based in Allerød, DENMARK.

  • Model LHC - Flare Systems

    The LHC (Low Heat Content) Range flare is designed specifically to address the problem of combusting gases with low calorific values, or heat contents. The optimisation of combustion control techniques ensures that heat loss is minimised, whilst air and gas mixing is maintained at a very high level. In normal landfill gas flares, for example, the ...

    By Organics Group plc based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare Systems Product line

  • Model TGF, TOF & TDF Series - Gas / Oil Firetube Boilers

    Gas, oil or combination dual fuel firing. Gas - Natural gas, LPG, Hydrogen, Biogas or other low BTU gases. Fuel oil - light, medium or heavy oil (No.2 - No.6 Fuel Oil). Safe, efficient and reliable forced draft burner package with optimum excess air design to achieve complete combustion and lower emissions. Standard NOx, low NOx or ultra ...

    By TTNA Energy Systems, LLC. based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA). from Boiler- Firetube Boilers Product line

  • Hofstetter - Model HTF - High Temperature Flare

    The uncompromising solution for the environmentally friendly disposal of contaminated waste gases, The high temperature flare (HTF) disposes of contaminated gases and air using an efficient combustion process and in compliance with the latest regulations.

    By Hofstetter Gastechnik AG based in Hindelbank, SWITZERLAND.

  • Kelley - RTO Heat Exchange Honeycomb Ceramic

    Honeycomb ceramic regenerators enhance efficiency, save energy, increase output and improve quality, an important and effective measure when dealing with energy and the environment. They're applied on thermal equipment for energy saving within industry. The pores of the Honeycomb ceramic regenerators are square and hexagonal, and the channels of ...

    By Jiangxi Kelley Chemical Packing Co., Ltd based in Pingxiang, CHINA. from Honeycomb Ceramic Product line

  • CRA - Burner

    CRA designs and manufactures Multi-Fuel Gas Burners for Boiler and Process heater applications that use fuels such as Natural Gas, Propane, Biogas, LPG, Low BTU gases (blast furnace/coke oven gas) in combination with (LFO) light fuel oils (optional). Our burners offer high efficiency due to low excess air and FGR in conjunction with low emissions ...

    By Combustion Research Associates based in Noida (New Delhi-NCR), INDIA.

  • Enclosed Gas Flares

    HiTemp Technology has developed a system that mixes the methane stream with sufficient combustion air to maintain a consistent temperature that assures maximum destruction of any methane present in the exhaust gas. A standard system includes: Waste gas burner, flame arrestor, combustion air blower (VFD), waste gas ID blower (VFD), water separation ...

    By HiTemp Technology LLC based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Open/Elevated Flare System

    MRW Designs and manufactures the following elevated flare systems for all sizes and compositions of waste gas.

    By MRW Technologies, Inc. based in Glenpool, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Model ME3 - MRW - Elevated Enclosed Efficient Flare System

    The ME is an acronym for 'MRW Elevated Enclosed Efficient'. The ME³ was developed by MRW specifically for the oil and gas patch industry and wastewater treatment plants to control biogas emissions, digester emissions, control H2S odor, BTEX, and low BTU waste gas. After several requests to build thermal oxidizers or flares for glycol ...

    By MRW Technologies, Inc. based in Glenpool, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • GreenBurn - Model RWFD - Radiant Wall Burners

    Haldor Topsoe are one of the world's leading licensors for steam reformers and they utilise rows of small radiant wall burners to populate the furnace wall. Such a design produces a uniform radiant heat from the furnace wall.

    By Greens Combustion Limited based in Poole, UNITED KINGDOM. from Radiant Wall Burners Product line

  • Annareach - Model 50 Cells - Mullite Blocks

    Heat storage body is the key components of  thermal storage style by the functions of improving the terms of heat exchange in furnaces, increasing the output of equipment, enhance the quality of products and cut down on reinvesting in equipment, Ceramic blocks enhance the burning temperature based on theory, improve the atmospheric burning, ...

  • LCV Gas Burners

    e-flox is a dedicated expert on the combustion of low calorific value (LCV) gases. For different types of gases like cold landfill gas with extremely low calorific values or hot tary product gases of pre-gasifiers (see figure), we have a suitable solution for you.

    By e-flox GmbH based in Renningen, GERMANY.

  • Flare Tips

    A flare tip is used for the disposal of waste combustible gases and consists basically of a high grade alloy tube. Usually it is mounted on the top of a steel stack so that the heat of combustion and its products will not cause danger to life and property on the ground.

    By Fives I.T.A.S. s.p.a. based in Monza, ITALY. from Petrochemical Product line

  • HOFGAS - Model LOWCAL - Gas Flare for Low Calorific Gas

    An optimum solution for safe and efficient degassing of old landfill sites or sites with low quality gas. The innovative HOFGASÒ- Lowcal high temperature flare is designed to provide greater gas control during the latter phases of a site.

    By Hofstetter BV based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS. from Landfill Gas Product line

  • CalorVal - BTU Analyzer

    The CalorVal BTU Analyzer continuously measures the heating value (Calorific Value) of gaseous streams of industrial processes. Control Instruments' standalone CalorVal BTU Analyzer optimizes burner efficiencies through measuring and controlling blended gas mixtures. These economical, fully-heated, air aspirator driven assemblies come complete and ...

    By Control Instruments Corporation based in Fairfield, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • AEREON - Flame Ring Flares

    Carbon dioxide is often used in fire extinguishers and snuffing systems with the intention of effectively extinguishing flames. When CO2 gas is a large percentage of a waste gas stream, at times it proves difficult to maintain a lit flare without the use of assist gas or a properly designed flame ring. Flare Industries’ industry-proven Flame ...

    By AEREON based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Custom Flares and VCUs for Onshore & Offshore Product line

  • Low Calorific Gas Flares

    The LCF range of flares is used for low flows of biogas, or biogas with a low methane content (≥ 13% CH4). No support fuel is needed. A version is also available which has been adapted for small scale power generation applications.

    By Landfill Systems Ltd based in Ipswich, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PBS - Containerized Boiler Rooms

    PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. design and manufacture containerised boiler rooms, which are employed for producing steam, warm or hot water for process use or heating. Boiler rooms are used as a central or decentralized source, especially in places where there is a need to accelerate construction of the boiler room.

    By PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. based in Trebíc, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Other Products Product line

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