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Methane Biogas equipment for Bioenergy

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    Geotech - Model BIOGAS 300 - Fixed Biogas Analyser

    Easy to self-install, operate and maintain, the BIOGAS 300 is a cost effective fixed system biogas analyser for CH4 monitoring. Ideal for 500kw or reduced scale Anaerobic Digestion plants, from agricultural to food waste typical applications.

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fixed Gas Analysers Product line

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    Econet - Biogas Production Plants

    Wastewater treatment process produces sewage sludge, which is dewatered and dried either mechanically or thermally. In certain cases the thickened sludge is digested. During the digestion process the sludge volume decreases and drying features improve. During digestion the sludge decomposes in anaerobic conditions into methane, water, carbon ...

    By Econet group Ltd. based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Contracting Product line

  • Small Scale Biogas to CNG

    For over 10 years Guild Associates has been providing Molecular Gate systems to upgrade biogas and marginal gas for pipeline sales, or as CNG and LNG. With 35 commercial systems installed, we now offer a scaled down version of our larger plants for upgrading small flows of biogas to high purity methane. The “MicroGate” design features ...

    By Guild Associates, Inc. based in Dublin, OHIO (USA).

  • Low Calorific Gas Flares

    The LCF range of flares is used for low flows of biogas, or biogas with a low methane content (≥ 13% CH4). No support fuel is needed. A version is also available which has been adapted for small scale power generation applications.

    By Landfill Systems Ltd based in Ipswich, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cubic-Ruiyi - Model BF-3000 - Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter

    Commercial and industrial use/ for biogas only BF-3000 Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter is developed for the measurement of biogas output from anaerobic digester. It is designed to withstand the wet and corrosive conditions. The built-in temperature and pressure sensors enable to make compensation and reach high accuracy.The unique composition reading ...

    By Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd based in Wuhan, CHINA.

  • Biogas Upgrader

    The BMF HAASE Biogas-Upgrader refines biogas to biomethane by organic-physical scrubbing. This particularly efficient method is characterized by low methane emissions and low power consumption. The BMF HAASE Biogas-Upgrader displays a positive heat balance and upgrades biogas without any heat loss. The required process heat is produced by the ...

    By BMF HAASE Energietechnik GmbH based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from Gas Engineering Product line

  • Methanization Technology

    Within the unique methanization process, LIPP incorporates an unparalleled set of components that help maximize customers' biogas production while minimizing operating costs. The system is optimized to operate at the temperatures that ensure the survival of methanogenic bacteria, i.e. between 37°C and 42°C. The LIPP mixing system also ...

    By Bio Methatech Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Gas Upgrading With MT-Membrane Technology

    With the MT-Membrane Technology, MT-BioMethan offers an electrically powered biogas upgrading process in demand-driven performance classes. For the generation of biomethane, the raw biogas is dried efficiently using minimal imported energy, desulphurised and the carbon dioxide separated out via membrane-based gaspermeation.

    By MT-BioMethan GmbH based in Zeven, GERMANY.

  • Biogas Upgrading

    The utilisation of biogas as a transportation fuel is an interesting alternative as opposed to the common gas firing in combined heat and power plants [Link Biogas]. BE2020 deals with the upgrading of biogas to natural gas quality (according to Austrian directive ÖVGW G31 / G33) and its supply into the natural gas grid, making biogas ...

    By BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Biofuels Product line

  • Biogas Process Technology

    In the biogas process the used raw materials are being decomposed step by step into simpler compounds using a multistage microbiological process. The strictly anaerobic living methane bacteria are placed at the end of the decomposition process. The methane is a left over from their metabolism as a waste material. The first two stages pre-digest ...

    By Bionova Biogas GmbH based in Königs Wusterhausen, GERMANY.

  • Model 50m3 - Biogas Holder

    For storage of Methane Biogas produced from anaerobic digestion plants.

    By Base Structures Ltd based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model 25m3 - Biogas Holder

    For storage of Methane Biogas produced from anaerobic digestion plants.

    By Base Structures Ltd based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Holyday Resort Biogas Plants

    Holyday resorts, be it in the mountains, at the sea or on small islands anywhere in the world, produce a high amount of organic waste from food and kitchen leftovers. Biogas plants, tailored to the needs of the resort, turn this waste into green energy and organic fertilizer.

    By First Biogas International AG based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model NaWaRo - Biogas Plants

    Most of our reference plants are NaWaRo biogas plants. NaWaRos are energy crops from corn and grass silage and cereals. Due to the German new energy law that subsidies the farmers for this type of plant thousands of the them have been erected.

    By First Biogas International AG based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND.

  • Bio-CNG Vehicle Refuelling Station

    Small Scale biogas production and CO2 capturing and Bio-CNG vehicle refuelling station. Nobody is currently shipping raw biogas as everybody needs to upgrade the biogas first, but this is not cost effective in small scale using the current products, resulting in a vast wastage of untapped biogas. Nobody has a small scale, 70% lower cost CO2 ...

    By Engas UK based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Double Membrane Biogas Holder

    A stand-alone membrane biogas holder is the most flexible, economical, reliable and efficient biogas storage solution available on the market. The membrane biogas holder consists of an outer membrane layer and an internal ‘complete bag’ membrane layer. The area between the two layers is continually pressurised with air using air ...

    By Biogas Products Ltd based in Brierley Hill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biogas Storage Product line

  • Biomethane

    IETL offers complete end-to-end state-of-the-art Biogas Upgradation Systems (Biogas Upscaling System) consisting of the Bioskrubber™ (Biogas Desulphurisation System) and CO2Skrub™ (Carbon Dioxide Removal system). The Biogas Upgradation System enriches the methane content in the raw biogas upto the quality of Compressed Natural Gas ...

  • Biogas Plant

    Industrial and local authority biogas plants use the renowned SONOTRONIC ultrasonic systems to increase the amount of energy recovered from biogas in an environmentally friendly way. The integration of a High-Output Ultrasonic Reactor into existing biogas production systems, increases their performance and profitability. The efficiency is improved ...

    By SONOTRONIC Nagel GmbH based in Karlsbad, GERMANY. from Environmental Engineering Product line

  • Avecom - Methanostim Liquide

    Methanostim Liquide is a liquid biosupplement providing the most essential minerals and trace elements for an optimal operation of the anaerobic microbiology.

    By Avecom based in Wondelgem, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model SKS - Biogas Sight Glass with Light, Wiper and Camera System

    A new sight glass specifically designed for installation in digester tanks used in biogas production. The RD300 sight glass has an innovative expanding gasket that conforms to irregularities in the cement walls and ports used in digester tank construction, creating a gas-tight seal. Biogas sight glass for digester tanks and methane digester tanks. ...

    By L.J. Star Incorporated based in Twinsburg, OHIO (USA). from Sight Glass Lights Product line

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