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  • McCain - Case Study

    Longer life for gas engine after H2S removalPotato processing company McCain in Lelystad, the Netherlands, receives biogas from both the anaerobic water treatment and the solids digester. The biogas - derived from fermenting potato peels - contains high levels of hydrogen sulphide. To prevent corrosion of the gas engine that uses the biogas as a power source, THIOPAQ®


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  • Deep H2S Removal From Biogas

    Deep H2S Removal From Biogas

    “Meet stringent gas quality requirements with deep hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas”. The THIOPAQ® was developed by Paques, in cooperation with universities, research institutes and customers. It can be applied to a wide range of biogas streams containing H2S and can be combined with all biological anaerobic systems. The ‘caustic’ solution in the THIOPAQ® ...