Peat Fuel

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Briquettes Are the New Renewable Energy

    You can walk towards a sustainable and clean environment by promoting usage of Briquettes which can be made by various kinds of Briquetting machines. There are different types of machines, and a large number of manufacturers supply them with versatile range and performance.It is a very effective initiative to keep the glory of the environment by making it pollution free and encourage the use of ...


  • Trading biomass like oil: Lithuania shows how it can be done

    European biomass markets are fragmented and intransparent, writes Jakub Kucera, economic analyst at RSJ, a Prague-based investment company. With one exception: Lithuania has a well-functioning biomass spot market, Baltpool. Could this become a model ...

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  • Hot Water Boilers

    Hot Water Boilers

    Justsen Hot Water Boilers can be designed within the following values of key parameters: