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  • A Review Of Wood Chips Charcoal Making Machine

    A Review Of Wood Chips Charcoal Making Machine

    Abilities to use woodchips which can be produced when it comes to logging operations, meaning breaking these chips into pieces that happen to be smaller which can later be made into a charcoal is the sorts of tasks conducted each and every day. It requires specific varieties of machinery in such cases, you will require a wood chips charcoal making machine, which is also known as ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Wood Gas CHP Plant

    Wood Gas CHP Plant

    The basic engine is a MAN D26 six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with turbocharger, control unit, and 4-stroke common rail fuel injection system, as well as 4-valve technology with optimised combustion chamber and centrally arranged injection elements. The Burkhardt CHP ECO 180 HG, together with the Burkhardt V 3.90 wood gasifier, generates about 180 kW electrical and about 270 kW thermal energy ...