Wood Pellet Storage

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Multifuel-fired Combined Heat and Power Plant - Case study

    Måbjergværket is the first combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Denmark to use a fuel combination consisting of waste, wood chips, straw and natural gas. Måbjergværket is owned and operated by DONG Energy. Måbjergværket supplies the approximately 55,000 inhabitants of the cities of Struer and Holstebro with direct heating, and the electricity is delivered to ...

  • Case Study - Helmsley Open Air Pool

    Helmsley Open Air Pool is operated by a registered charity – the Feversham Memorial Trust – and opens from June to September each summer. The 1930s pool is 25m in length and 10m wide. The ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Pellet Boiler burner

    Pellet Boiler burner

    The boiler burns functioning chute principle, and is built so that it will burn 6 and 8 mm pellets (l = 5-25mm). Combustion takes place in a small trough at the front of the burner, which is provided with air nozzles. These air nozzles are setting and allocation is optimized to provide optimum combustion. The fuel is fed by means of the supplied screw to the top of the chute, fall from / rolling ...