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American Energy - The Renewable Path to Energy Security


America is a nation blessed with bountiful natural resources and boundless entrepreneurial spirit.We have always prospered by facing daunting challenges and transforming them into opportunities for innovation, industry, and growth. From the opening of the transcontinental railway to the development of the microchip and the Internet revolution, America has always risen to great challenges to become a stronger and more prosperous nation.

Today, America faces grave challenges in the field of energy—from the gathering storm of global warming to a dangerous addiction to oil that jeopardizes our national and economic security.We must meet these twin threats of climate change and oil dependence head-on, with that same spirit of hope and optimism that has characterized our finest hours. We, as a nation, have the ingenuity, know-how, and determination necessary to create an energy-secure America. By working together, we can find exciting new ways to build America’s use of domestic, non-polluting renewable energy. By capturing the energy of the wind and the light of sun, the power of a mighty river or heat stored in the crust of the Earth, we can find new untapped resources that create jobs, improve our security, and build the health of our people, our planet, and our economy.

American Energy: The Renewable Path to Energy Security shows that an energy future based on abundant and clean renewable resources is not only urgently needed, but achievable. The time is ripe for a strong national commitment to enacting new policies at the federal, state, and local levels that will allow the United States to become a world leader in building a 21st century energy system.Meeting that challenge will require concerted action by governments, businesses, and citizens across our nation.

We are committed to mobilizing our friends, communities, and leaders to share in this vision for a clean, secure, and prosperous future with American Energy.

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American Energy - Table of Contents:

  • 21st Century Energy
  • Vision for a More Secure and Prosperous America
    • Enhancing Energy Security
    • Creating Jobs
    • The Global Marketplace
    • Investment Opportunities
  • Building a New Energy Economy
    • Building for the Future
    • Meeting the Transportation Challenge
    • A New Future for Agriculture
    • Powering the Electricity Grid
    • Micro Power
  • A Cleaner, Healthier America
    • Cleaner Air and Water
    • Climate Change and Energy
    • Conserving Land and Water
  • Resources and Technologies
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Biofuels
    • Biopower
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Power from the Wind
    • Rooftop Solar Power
    • Desert Solar Power
    • Solar Heating
    • Hydropower
    • Marine Energy
  • American Energy Policy Agenda
  • Sources of Additional Information
  • Contributors
  • Sponsors 

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