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Global Energy Strategies

The Potential for Non-Fossil Fuel Energy Sources: Solar Power; A. Polansky. Wind Technology After a Decade of Development; R. Swisher. The Potential for Reducing Carbon Emissions through Efficiency: The Transportation Sector; S. Plotkin. The Potential for Reducing Carbon Emissions through Efficiency in Industrial Processes; M. Ross. U.S. Energy Policies and Strategies: The U.S. Energy Strategy; E.R. Williams. Integrating Energy and the Environment; A. Christofaro. Global Energy Strategies: The Perspectives of Developing Countries and Economics in Transition: Russia/Eastern Europe; A. Kalinin. Energy Use in India; A. Mathur. Integrating Concerns of Developing and Developed Nations: Population and Energy Use; M.S. Strauss. Greenhouse Gases and Emissions Trading; A. LeBlanc, D.J. Dudek. 20 additional articles. Index.
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