Advance Power Inc. (API)

Advance Power Inc. (API)

Advance: Solar , Hydro, Wind Power Co. Inc. has been a leader in the energy production industry since 1978. We have designed and installed thousands of solar, hydro and wind electrical and thermal system throughout the world. Independent, grid tie or grid support, our systems are superior in quality, design and function. Advance Power Inc. (API) manufactures our own line of API solar panels, API wind turbines, API controllers, API industrial lead acid and Lipo4 batteries, API LED lights, API attic/greenhouse fans, API DC mains and much more. We also offer `API TOTAL SOLUTION`. Complete, pre-assembled and tested power systems housed in a heavy duty steel container. Our API flex systems are Lipo4 battery based complete systems with inverters, chargers, all necessary circuit breakers plus monitors for the BMS, total system and inverter.

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6331 North State St , Calpella , California 95470 USA
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Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power Co. Inc. Advance Power is a world leader in high quality low cost energy systems and components since 1978. Advance Power Co. Inc. is committed to providing affordable energy systems, reducing energy usage and ultimately, providing energy independence. Advance Power was the first company in California to be totally solar and wind powered.

Our company founders have lived without conventional power since 1975. Their homes are totally solar, hydro and wind powered. To achieve energy independence in an age where practically everything a person does requires energy is truly an accomplishment. To help others attain this goal requires a commitment. It is easy to sell this technology. It is another thing entirely to be the example and gain the knowledge and insight this technology requires.

Advance Power Inc. is totally energy independent. Even though Advance Power has local utility (PG&E) service we use them only as backup for our primary power system. We produce our power from two large roof mounted solar arrays. One array is a utility interface system that feeds the grid during day. The other is an independent primary power system. The independent primary power system consists of a roof mounted PV array, industrial battery banks (180Kw), pure sine wave inverter (22 kW Exceltech), monitoring and safety gear. The primary power system supplies power to all our loads, all the time. We do not bring the utility power to any of our loads. If the primary power system requires additional power, it will automatically, at night, tap into some of our stored grid power. The grid tie solar system produces much more power in the summer than we use. This also allows us to tap into our stored grid power in the winter. Every kWh of power we send to the grid during summer days (peak power time) is worth 3 kWh during summer nights (off peak time) and 2 kWh during winter days (partial peak time). Our primary power system gives us energy independence and protects us from power surges, sags, spikes and most of all power outages.

These are the most cost effective and efficient energy systems on the market. Usually ½ the price of our competitors. The flex systems are 48 vdc nominal and can utilize any off the shelf 48 vdc inverter. Flex systems are primarily designed for small to moderate power usage up to 18 kw. Flex systems can be grid support, grid backup or primary power systems that allow you to live off grid or turn the grid off. 48 vdc nominal is not efficient for systems above 20 kw. Systems above this power range are 120, 240 or 480 vdc. Systems in this power rage utilize inverters that are industrial grade, 30 year design life, with swap out of critical components at certain time intervals. The inverters we use for these systems are primarily used for the nuclear power industry and backup for nuclear power plants. These inverters have power ranges of 40 – 500 kW. We also build complete power systems inside shipping containers. We cut them up, install walls, windows and doors. These containers are totally prewired, tested and ready to ship anywhere in the world. Simple to install, move or take with you if you move. Another benefit with steel shipping containers is we physically ground the entire container, greatly limiting the possibility of EMF damage to the equipment and system.

Advance Power Inc. was the first California business to be solar and wind powered. We have been producing power off our solar panels, wind turbines, battery banks and inverters before most people and business were even aware of this technology. Even though we have utility power (PG&E) our over 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse/office building is power by our independent, stand alone API TOTAL SOLUTION power system. Our primary power systems are 2, 5 kw Wind turbines. One horizontal and one vertical. We have many solar PV systems. One PV system is grid tie only, 5 kw with SMA inverter. Another PV solar system is grid tie 3 kw, SMA inverter that we can switch anytime to 48 vdc charging source for our over 65 kW battery bank. This system utilizes our flex energy system technology where we can switch a 600 vdc PV system to a 48 vdc nominal battery charging system. We also have a 400 vdc based Lipo4 energy system with 3 dedicated solar arrays of over 10 kw. This system is based on our industrial technology and can be 'stacked' up to 2 MW. We also utilize a vacuum tube thermal system to heat our warehouse and office buildings in the winter. Vacuum tube technology is the only thermal system that creates substantial heat gain in winter, under cold, overcast conditions. We originally had a gas fired boiler, we replaced it with a 400 gallon heat exchanger tank, two high efficient instantaneous boilers and multiple banks of vacuum tube collectors on the roof. Our heating bills used to be close to $2,000.00 @ month. They are now well under $400.00 a month.

The API total power solution is above the industry standard. API solar panels, API wind turbines, API lead acid and Lipo4 energy storage systems, plus all our other products carry the industries best warranties. Our proven track record plus our history of installations and design, worldwide, make Advance Power the leader in energy production, self sufficiency and energy independence.

To serve you better we have three locations, our main store in Calpella, the other stores are in Redding and Stockton. All in N. CA.