AEM - Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH

AEM - Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH

AEM - Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH is a family-owned company with 70 years of experience in the field of electrical engineering. AEM, which employs around 150 members of staff, has established itself as the world leader in the manufacture of special machines for three phase motors and alternators for drive solutions and energy generation. In the last 20 years, AEM has managed to develop with enormous success, more than tripling company revenue and increasing its export share to 60%. To date, the company has delivered over 12,000 machines in more than 70 countries. AEM specialises in particular in the custom development and manufacture of genera-tors for hydro-electric power and ship-building, as well as motors for mining, materials handling and construction machines and test stands.

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Daheimstr. 18 , Dessau-Roßlau , D-06842 Germany


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Power Distribution
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Globally (various continents)
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From development and production through to installation and testing in our in-house test facility - all production steps take place exclusively in Dessau following excellent standards of quality and using state-of-the-art technology. In order to meet the in-creasing demands, production has been steadily expanded in recent years, with €14 million being invested in modernisation measures between 2006 and 2012.

The quality management system at AEM has satisfied the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 (certificate from Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH) since 1995.

At AEM Dessau GmbH, quality assurance is an essential part of our business strategy and our primary goal is to achieve the best possible quality in our products.

The incorporation of quality awareness is top priority for every single employee in the company. The implementation of quality policy in daily business increases efficiency, improves quality and steadily reduces costs accordingly.

Fault prevention has priority over fault recovery. In the event of the detection of faults or discrepancies, i.e. in the event of the discovery of quality risks, employees are re-quired to report these deficiencies to their superior, provided it is not within their pow-ers or responsibilities to take remedial action.

In their daily work, each member of the company contributes to the realisation of the common quality objectives, which are in essence:

  • customer satisfaction
  • continual improvement of product quality
  • reliable delivery

Management assumes overall responsibility for the quality management system and ensures that this quality policy is understood, implemented and followed at all levels of the organisation.

We acknowledge our responsibility for the environment. In addition to the production of high quality and durable products and the profitability of the company, optimised environmental protection is an equally important corporate goal. A negative impact on the environment is avoided through the use of appropriate technological procedures and the consistent implementation of and compliance with legal requirements.

The environmental policy of AEM Dessau is based on the following principles of action:

  • Suggestions from employees and the public are taken into account in the development of our corporate objectives. If necessary, dialogue will be opened with residents of the industrial mixed area and the environmental impact of AEM Dessau GmbH, as well as measures which can be put in place to prevent this is reported on.
  • The planning and implementation of measures for disaster preparedness and contingency planning in particular are an essential component of preventative environmental protection, in addition to the continuous improvement of production and manufacturing processes which are based around the use of the best available technologies. Compliance with the relevant environmental legal framework is assured.
  • Environmental controlling instruments are introduced and maintained in order to determine and monitor the environmental impact of AEM Dessau GmbH. These results - as well as the results of the assessments of the environmental impact of new activities, products and production processes prior to their introduction - are taken into account when making business objectives and decisions.
  • As an essential goal for the long-term security of the company and in order to increase competitiveness, natural resources are conserved through the optimum usage of the raw materials, supplies and tools required for the manufacture of electric motors and generators. The focus of AEM Dessau GmbH’s activities in the environmental sector is therefore on the reduction of the volume of waste through prevention and recovery measures.
  • All employees are responsible for achieving the environmental objectives of the company. As a result, all employees are encouraged to use their own initiative and take measures that go above and beyond compliance with the environmental requirements which apply to AEM Dessau, and to develop ideas for the further development of environmental protection, occupational safety and the optimisation of the manufacturing process. Our customers and suppliers are also included in our efforts.
  • The promotion of environmental awareness amongst employees, as well as targeted training and further education are an important prerequisite for the intensive participation of each individual. All employees therefore receive regular training and advanced training, in particular in the areas of environmental protection and occupational safety/system safety.
  • In order to improve environmental performance, the reduction or substitution of the use of materials which are damaging to the environment is ensured where possible.
  • The management regularly reviews its compliance with the environmental policy, as well as the achievement of environmental goals. The ideas and suggestions for improvement are subjected to evaluation and implemented according to the company’s resources.

The field of research and development has very high priority at AEM.

We continuously analyse each series for potential improvements in terms of reliability, efficiency and customer benefits, thus ensuring that our products become even better with each new version. And we have been doing just that for over 60 years.

Our engineers are also enthusiastic about unconventional ideas; they go their own way and are constantly questioning existing rules and conventions. At the same time, they use AEM’s unique experience to continuously improve our products.

In addition to AEM's own powerful calculation and modelling methods, our development department also has access to finite element software, which is used, for example, for simulations in the fields of structural mechanics and electromagnetism.

What is more, we have our own regulator development process which allows us to select the perfect combination of synchronous generator and regulator.

Research is conducted in close cooperation with universities or private institutes, such as for example the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, the Chemnitz University of Technology, Dresden University of Technology, S&T cooperation, FEMCOS and the Fraunhofer Institute.

The main areas of research are:

  • the investigation of physical phenomena in electrical machines,
  • energy efficiency,
  • machine acoustics,
  • materials, processes and manufacturing technology,
  • new materials,
  • the optimal coordination of components in the drive system.