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AEREON Services

  • Spare Parts Services

    Spare Parts Services

    AEREON offers the convenience of a comprehensive spare parts selection and global aftermarket service. We can provide everything from proprietary and commodity parts for air emissions control equipment (VRUs, VCUs, flares, combustors, etc.), to specialty fluids for VRUs (glycol, lubricants), custom packages/assemblies, repair parts, and more.

  • Flare Tip Retrofit Services

    Flare Tip Retrofit Services

    AEREON can provide you with economical tip replacements for all OEM flare systems -- from simple utility-flare tip designs to more-complex steam flare tip systems typically used in downstream facilities. Custom-built in our own manufacturing facilities, each flare tip is designed to exacting standards by our highly experienced engineering team. Whether your flare tip is replacing a legacy Flare Industries or Mactronic tip, or a John Zink, Callidus,...