Albatern’s journey started with the vision of David Findlay, who is now the company’s Chief Technology Officer. WaveNET is a radical new solution to the problem of economically viable wave energy harvesting. In contrast to the majority of existing approaches, WaveNET is designed to exploit the interactions between absorbers within a coupled, modular and scaleable three-dimensional structure that offers a step change technology with more efficient operation at lower cost. The system has been under active development since 2007 and Albatern have now built an experienced and multi-disciplinary engineering team comprising 15 engineers from hydrodynamic analysis through design and production to marine operations.

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Midlothian Innovation Centre , Roslin , Scotland EH25 9RE United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The company continues to develop key expertise in the analysis and design of large articulated offshore structures, hydraulic networks and MVDC electrical collection and distribution grids as well as pioneering new mooring system designs and marine operations techniques.

New sources of clean sustainable energy are required to replace existing electrical generating infrastructure and fulfil global decarbonisation targets.

Our mission at Albatern is to demonstrate and commercialise a product range that allows the energy from ocean waves to be harvested in an economically viable fashion


  • Bring to market an economically viable system for extracting energy from ocean waves
  • Create a business supplying small scale WaveNET arrays to aquaculture and remote communities sectors
  • To play a contributory role in reducing the global dependence on fossil fuels as an energy supply and to promote a sustainable future for mankind’s electricity generation
  • Work with global partners to commercialise grid scale WaveNET arrays of up to 100MW

Keys to Success:

  • Demonstrate a technology operating reliably at commercial scale with a cost of energy equivalent to or below alternative energy generation costs

If this can be achieved then the potential rewards are enormous:

  • Global untapped resource worth between £60 – £190 bn/year *
  • Global manufacturing opportunities
  • Global deployment and service opportunity