ALLOCATE is a Windows based program designed to optimize the hydropower station efficiency by allocating the power load to each generating unit such that the total station outflow is equal to a given discharge and the total station power is maximized. ALLOCATE is based on Dynamic Programming (DP) formulation. It uses a unique algorithm to derive the optimum load allocation among the available generating units. ALLOCATE accepts different type and size of generating units and either common or separate conduits. Offers a Windows based Hydropower Optimization Software designed to optimize the hydropower station efficiency by allocating the power load to each generating unit.

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PO Box 300-102 , Albany , Auckland 0752 New Zealand

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Software vendor
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Energy - Hydro Power
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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ALLOCATE ultimate goal is to enable the user to get maximum from their power station, produce the required generation output with minimum amount of water or in other words run the power station in most efficient way. In addition Allocate will help improve current operation and enable user to check different what-if scenarios.

ALLOCATE features include:

  • Easy to setup and easy to use program
  • Based on proven optimization techniques
  • Fast and incredibly accurate
  • Easy to model take into account various system constraints
  • Options to create new project, save and open existing projects for different scenarios
  • Build-in help system
  • WWW interface can be developed on request
  • Customization available on request
  • Can be run remotely on our cloud servers

ALLOCATE can run in two different modes:

  • 1, Based on a unit efficiency where the power is calculated using the formula P=9.81*Eff*Q*H Where Q is the unit discharge in cms and H is the net head in meters. The Eff is the efficiency for the pair Q,H derived from the unit efficiency table.
  • 2, The power is calculated from the rating tables for each unit. The power formula in this case is P=f(Q,H) and it is derived directly from the rating tables supplied by the user.