Astralux Ltd.

Astralux LTD, is a wind energy technology development and wind turbines manufacturing company that was established in November 2009. We have created several prototypes of wind turbines with vertical axis, conducted tests successfully, created drawings, created tech-maps of technological processes and the applicability and interchangeability of materials and got patents for inventions and utility models in Ukraine and the USA.

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76, Pravdy Avenue , Kyiv , Kyiv city 04212 Ukraine

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Internationally (various countries)
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  • We regularly participate in major exhibitions and conferences on wind energy, alternative energy and energy forums.
  • We are ready to service orders for wind turbines up to 10kW of power.
  • In the future, we will build a wind turbine plant that produces up to 1 GW of power that will soon become the basis of the wind power industry.


We are happy to introduce you the innovation in the wind power technology – solar-wind turbine.

The vertical-axis solar and wind generator on magnetic levitation is the newest development of our company.

This wind turbine generator is capable to convert wind energy coming from the base air acceptor and the up-rising air flows coming from warm surface (soil and turbine base) into electrical energy using the air pressure difference.

It has no vibrations, infrasound and starts to rotate at 1.5 m/s wind speed, reaches nominal (rated/plate) power output at 10 m/s and unlike traditional turbines continues to generate more and more energy till wind speed reaches 40 m/s.

For example, 10MW turbine will generate incredible 40MW at wind speed of 15 m/s.

For sure, this figure is impressive and can make anyone rich during hurricane, but what is more important – it starts to produce electricity at very low wind speed. You will have slow, but steady energy flow starting from 2 m/s.

Imagine, that your average wind is 5 m/s (quite good, actually, just look at this map), half of the year – below 3.5 m/s. Traditional turbine will start working at 3.5 m/s and it means, that it will stay dormant half of the year.

It allows creation of wind farms in areas where it was impossible before due to too high or too low winds.

Simple, no-friction construction minimizes maintenance and repair downtime, increases life span and efficiency overall.

The invention is protected with the Ukrainian and the US patents.