Aurasol SA

Aurasol SA

AURASOL. Ltd, is passionately committed to delivering customized photovoltaic solutions to its customers through a lasting Win-Win relationship that builds a unique and sustainable future. When a standard display photovoltaic product will not meet your needs, AURASOL provides tailored solutions that help you get the most out of your most valuable assets. AURASOL will also offer you a turnkey figure for designing, developing and producing first-class quality photovoltaic solutions.To meet your residential, commercial, agricultural or/and utility needs, we are glad to serve you with a variety of a quality product range, including different efficiencies, sizes, shapes and colors. This quality commitment is also translated at every level of our management process and it is boosted by valuable international partnerships within the photovoltaic Industry.

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Z.I. Oued Zargua , Testour , 9013 Tunisia

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)


For a social purpose and a little after the Tunisian Revolution, the first statutory public meeting of Aurasol shareholders has taken the decision to establish the factory within a disadvantaged region. This decision is a little contribution to improve the life quality in those regions by offering their residents the dignity of work and a decent standard of living.

Based in Oued zargua, Beja AURASOL manufactures superior quality of photovoltaic solar panels for both the African and the European markets.