Biodico specializes in Alternative Energy Solutions including the design, production, and operation of sustainable biorefineries. Our core competency is biofuel/bioenergy production. We started our first commercial production facility in 2000 in Las Vegas. Since the launch of that three million gallon per year facility we have developed facilities in Colorado, Texas, and Australia. We have since patented the Modular Biodiesel Production technology that is used. In 2003 we started work under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US Navy, a partnership that continues fruitfully to this day at Naval Base Ventura County in California.

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In 2010 it became clear that the commercial byproducts of biodiesel production (such as glycerin and inedible seed meal) are significant and we began to focus on energy added uses of these byproducts rather than just disposal methods.  Biodiesel Industries (the name we were founded under) became Biodico.

We are currently entering into production on our 5th commercial facility in Five Points, California and building our 6th  commercial biodiesel production facility on the Ventura County Naval Base.  These facilities are designed to be fully automated, minimizing manual labor and the potential for operator error.  The testing is also performed real time by near infrared spectroscopy and by EMF interphase detection.  The facilities are networked with each other so that they can share algorithms and learn from each other and with future facilities.

Biodico has a strong and ongoing commitment to internal R&D.  We also enjoy working on innovative projects with qualified partners and conducting feasibility studies for emerging markets and market sectors.