BioFuel USA Corp.

Biofuel USA helps the agricultural industry to profit from the utilization of organic waste; through using state of the art biogas plants. We provide a complete turn-key, waste to power, power to profit solutions for the agricultural sector. Additionally, our waste utilization technology is proven to be a success from leading European manufacturers, it works very well for organic waste and wastewater recycling. The company specializes in the turn-key construction of modern biogas plants which converts the energy of organic substances to electrical and thermal energy. As well as combustible gas, which is similar to natural gas and can be used as fuel. Our goal is to expand this very successful and efficient technology within the United States.

Company details

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Industry Type:
Energy - Bioenergy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Through our partnerships, we construct and maintain facilities that convert organic waste into energy. Our objective is to help our customers engage and arrive at efficient operational solutions:

  • Feasibility and engineering design
  • All types of required governmental approvals
  • Facility construction and commissioning
  • Facility Ownership
  • Facility Operation
  • Training

The vision of BioFuel USA is to expand and maximize the full potential of biomass technology within the United States, The Caribbean and Latin America. Our goal is to reduce the current carbon footprint and CO2 emissions on the environment. By utilizing biogas production technology we assist in significantly reducing harmful emissions.

Additional sectors that will benefit from this technology include: governments and utilities, technology and waste providers, supermarkets and hospitals.

BioFuel USA was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, Maksim Sysoyeu and Fabian Nunez.

Mr. Sysoyeu is a certified Engineer and IT specialist and Mr. Nunez is an experienced business developer with a thorough background in the foreign financial services industry.

With mutual entrepreneurial drive and determination, Mr. Sysoyeu and Mr. Nunez brainstormed the idea of exploring the BIOMASS/BIOTECHNOLOGY market. Not long after the proposed idea, BioFuel USA was created as a turn-key solution company that specializes in the development of biogas plants.