British Hydropower Association (BHA)

British Hydropower Association (BHA)

British Hydropower Association (BHA)

The British Hydropower Association (BHA) is the professional trade body representing the interests of the UK hydropower industry and its associated stakeholders in the wider community at regional, national and global levels. The BHA is not government-funded. The diversity of our industry and the expertise within it demonstrates that together we can provide excellent supply chain solutions on a worldwide scale.

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Unit 6B Manor Farm Business Centre Gussage St Michael , Wimborne , Dorset BH21 5HT United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Professional association
Industry Type:
Hydro Power
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our vision translates into the following aims and objectives:

Effective lobbying
and liaison with the national and devolved governments and other agencies

Providing Information
technical, regulatory and political

Promoting hydropower
Increasing awareness of its quality and scope, both at home and overseas

Organising events
and networking opportunities

Export Opportunities
Developing export opportunities for the industry

Providing Guidance
Supporting our members
Membership is open to any organisation or individual involved in or with an interest in hydropower. Members include design and consulting engineers in all disciplines, developers/owners, contractors, operators, all-scale generators, equipment and component manufacturers and suppliers, project managers, financiers and investors, insurers, environmental specialists etc.The diversity of our industry and the expertise within it demonstrates that we can provide excellent supply chain solutions on a global scale.The BHA promotes hydropower, the pioneer of renewable energy, both at home and abroad, increasing awareness of its quality and scope.The BHA has grown since its establishment as a trade association in the mid-1990s, and we have continued to move from strength to strength, raising our profile and being recognised as the leading representative of the UK hydropower industry.
We have played a key role in representing our sector and in winning policy and regulatory support, working closely with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy [BEIS] the Valuation Office Agency, devolved governments, devolved regulators and other government departments. We are members of a wide variety of government working groups, regulatory liaison groups and Task and Finish groups in Scotland and Wales.We work closely with several other groups and organisations collaborating in a variety of projects and activities and we enjoy close links with other professional and academic institutions.Our conferences, forums, networking events and other activities bring together the whole of the industry to share experiences and forge relationships, strengthening the industry and promoting growth.We encourage our members to be active within the association so that we can maintain a focused strategic direction to support and represent the sector as effectively as possible.The BHA holds a pivotal position and will continue responding to political challenges and securing support for key initiatives, delivering an essential service to our members.

The British Hydropower Association (BHA) is the leading trade membership association solely representing the interests of the UK hydropower industry (from micro to large scale) and its associated stakeholders in the wider community, both in the UK and overseas.

Our Mission Statement is translated into clear objectives, enabling specific outcomes in line with our vision. They are to be a vehicle for:

  • Effective lobbying of government and other agencies/NGOs
  • Liaison with and monitoring of government and other agencies
  • Co-ordination of events and creation of marketing an networking opportunities
  • Developing export opportunities for the industry
  • Providing a technical, regulatory and political information source
  • Promoting hydropower – increasing awareness of its quality and scope both at home and overseas

“The BHA is the only organisation that solely represents the UK Hydropower sector. Our members range from all-scale hydro developers and generators, investors, consulting engineers to manufacturers and suppliers of equipment. The BHA works mainly in the UK and overseas supporting and promoting the hydropower industry. Hydropower is a well-established and proven technology. The first water turbines were built in the mid 1800’s and they have been developing ever since. Turbine efficiencies are rarely below 80% which is about double that of a steam turbine. Constant and continuing design improvements can bring significant efficiencies.

Research and development continues into providing new and more cost-effective solutions and improvements to the design and engineering of new hydropower schemes. Most of the hydropower in the UK has been developed, but resource studies have indicated that as much again of undeveloped potential is viable. At present 30% to 40% of the UK’s renewable generation is provided by hydropower. Globally, 17% of energy is supplied – and will continue to be supplied – from hydropower sources. The UK has been involved with the export of equipment and services for about 150 years – we still have the expertise and remain involved in business worldwide. It is a time of change and challenge for the hydropower sector and the BHA has some significant and challenging work ahead.”

“I am very pleased that the BHA has appointed me as Chairman for the next two years. This is a challenging time for the hydropower industry but there is also a great opportunity in the development of, storage of energy both above and below the intake and also in the growth of marine energy, including tidal range, tidal stream and barrage technology. I am confident that the BHA can foster an innovative industry which is uniquely positioned to respond to the requirement for flexible renewable energy production.

Despite being the world’s oldest energy technology hydropower still has a great deal to offer providing the only long life and environmentally friendly energy resource. I will work with the BHA membership, board and staff to get this message to the UK and devolved Governments to help develop a far reaching vision for hydropower development.”

The BHA board consists of 11 non – executive directors and 1 executive director in the chief executive officer. There is also a BHA Northern Ireland Representative and an Events and Conference contractor. There are 2 administrative assistants – one responsible for Finance and Accounts and another for Events and Membership. The work of the board covers a wide range of issues including, business, consenting, regulatory, commercial, Micro Hydro and National and devolved governments.