Bwe - biogas weser-ems GmbH & Co. KG has planned and built over 350 biogas projects of different sizes and configurations encompassing an installed capacity of over 170 MWel. Our biogas plants run on waste products from the food industry (grease, flotation tailings, leftover food, municipal solid waste, etc.), manure or renewable energy crops such as corn, grass. Bwe looks after all your needs from the planning stage to construction, to ongoing maintenance and optimization of your biogas plant.

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bwe biogas weser-ems GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2000 by Eng. Klaus Hanneken and Eng. Johannes Gehlenborg. Prior to the establishment, both founder engineers were active in the biogas sector, bringing their know-how and expertise together. In the meantime, bwe biogas weser-ems GmbH & Co. KG is present on the market far beyond the boundaries of Germany.

Till today projects have been developed and realised in Great Britain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey. All challenges have always been met with expertise, dedication and reliability.

The international distribution of the biogas technology will continue to have a high level of importance. In times of globalisation and climate changes, challenges do not stop at national borders.

bwe biogas weser-ems GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2000 by Eng. Klaus Hanneken and Eng. Johannes Gehlenborg. Prior to the establishment, both founder engineers were active in the biogas sector, bringing their know-how and expertise together.

The first biogas plant was built in 1997. Even before establishing the company bwe biogas weser ems the two engineers Gehlenborg (mechanical engineering) and Hanneken (civil engineering) planned biogas plants. These facilities treated fats, sludge and waste residual products from the food processing industry. The successful cooperation of the shareholders allowed the rapid evolution of the medium-size company.

In 2000, the new Renewable Energy Act in Germany facilitated considerably the demand for biogas plants installation.

With the amendment of the Act in 2004, the perspectives for biogas facilities increased. The interest in facilities treating renewable raw materials was growing.

In 2006, the first large-scale biogas plants were put in operation, such as the biogas park in Felgentreu in Brandenburg – a European milestone project unrivalled in both environmentally friendly and socio-political context.

Mid 2010, Johannes Gehlenborg resigned from the management board and subsequently the partnership as well, leaving Klaus Hanneken as the whole-owner of bwe biogas weser-ems GmbH & Co. KG since 2013.


Realiable, high-yield and future-oriented - our experience is your success!

Instead of primarily emphasising quick profit maximization, we are committed to trust-based, long-term business relationships with our customers and our partners as top priority. In the context of teamwork, we work together to find solutions which suit your individual on-site requirements while simultaneously reconciling economic and ecological interests. The partnership-based teamwork among all parties involved ensures optimum conditions for the realisation of a project. This is a benefit to all. We consider ourselves primarily as a partner in our customers’ success. Only when all parameters fit together and all parties are truly satisfied with the results do we consider a project successful. When it comes to quality, compromising is not an option. The processing of high-quality materials as well as technical and craft perfection guarantee convincing results. Standing still means a step backwards. That is why we never stall but constantly develop further. In this context, we always have our eyes firmly on our customers and their individual desires and requirements. The reliability and efficiency of our biogas plants speaks in our favour and with that ensures your own success and your future security.


The continuous further development of the biogas technologies, the consistent implementation of custom-designed services and a further expansion of market presence are the cornerstones of our own corporate targets for the coming years.


A team of highly qualified employees forms the basis for the company’s success. Nowadays, about 100 specialists are employed in the company. Whether engineers, business economists, industrial chemists or supply engineers: the employees of biogas weser-ems have proven themselves as veritable specialists in their professions and exactly know what matters. Regular training sessions and further trainings make sure that all members always possess the latest level of knowledge.

Beyond that, biogas weser-ems is also a training company. The combination of experienced experts who have served the company for many years on the one hand, and junior professionals on the other hand provide optimum working conditions. Many of the young employees have already been connected with the company since their first years of study or traineeship. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition on the scientific and technological front, we offer students the opportunity to write bachelor and master thesis in co-operation with us. After all, the interweaving of research and practice is now more essential than ever!

Alongside their own professional experience and expertise, our experts distinguish themselves through a high degree of personal commitment. And there is a very simple reason for that: At biogas weser-ems the focus in on the people. This includes the self-dependent involvement of all project participants and a great deal of freedom to enable the constructive and success-oriented development of new ideas.

Biogas weser-ems builds biogas plants in plants within the the scale of 50 kWel up to several megawatts. Our biogas plants are built turnkey and meet the highest quality standards. Choosing the individual components we rely only on reliable and long proven technology. Our local contraction supervision staffs works hand in hand with our professional installation team and ensures the scheduled completion of the plant construction. A qualified construction manager provides for a smooth operation on site and deals with the interfaces between the individual trades.

bwe biogas weser-ems developed and realised more than 500 biogas projects, among these about 360 sites of all sizes. The following examples offer a compact overview of our portfolio and technology. Just click through the examples!

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