Chinook Sciences, LLC

Chinook Sciences, LLC

Chinook Sciences, LLC

Chinook Sciences was formed in 1998 as a research group supporting the nuclear, metal and industrial gasses industries. Soon thereafter the Company shifted its focus to become a technology and equipment provider to the metal, industrial gasses and environmental industries, generating revenue through capital equipment sales. In 2005 Chinook changed its business model to become a project sponsor and plant operator. Metal Reclamation was the original industry served by the Rodecs technology. The first Rodecs Industrial system became operational in the Year 2000 in a secondary Metal recycling Foundry. Uniquely, the Rodecs system has been identified by the industry as the world`s only system that is truly Universal in decoating (remove organic components) and drying any type of Metal scrap (irrelevant of shape or alloy type) from any type of organic material (irrelevant of coating weight or material).

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​135 US Highway 202 206, Suite 14 , Bedminster Township , NJ 07921 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Chinook Energy is the world leader in gasification and pyrolysis. The process of gasification provides a foundation upon which waste management technologies can transform discarded waste materials into energy and fuel. With 10 years in the waste treatment industry, our experience in sustainable development, renewable energy creation, waste recycling, and environmental cleanup is unrivaled. Expertise coupled with the longest commercial-operating history in the industry has allowed Chinook to lead the way for next-generation technology advancements in waste management.

Dr. Rifat Chalabi - Chairman and Co-Founder

Dr. Rifat Chalabi is the Chairman and co-founder of Chinook Sciences Group, which includes Chinook Sciences, and Chinook Engineering Ltd. Dr. Chalabi is the co-inventor of the technology developed by Chinook Sciences. In his role as the co-founder of Chinook Engineering, the company developed and commercialized technology for combining conversion of low quality biomass and coal into high value environmental products and renewable fuel . In his role as the president of Chinook Sciences, the company formed multiple independent joint ventures.
Prior to Chinook Sciences, Dr. Chalabi was a lead scientist in BOC Group. His responsibilities were for the combined combustion and computer modeling group activities in the industrial market sector of BOC. During his 5 years employment [1994 - 1998], Dr. Chalabi formed the Industrial modeling group, invented and implemented several major inventions in the combustion and industrial furnaces operation. Dr. Chalabi has authored several patents and international publications in the field of combustion, furnaces, decoating and nuclear engineering.
Dr. Chalabi received his PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Master of Sciences in Nuclear Engineering, computational method, in 1994 and 1991 from North Carolina State University.

Chinook Energy is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions to address the world's need for clean, sustainable energy.

To do this Chinook Energy rely on five basic principles:

Leverage proprietary technology - we will build off of Chinook Sciences' leadership position, patented 'disruptive' technology and unparalleled ten-year proven industrial operating history in gasification and waste management.

Focus on profitability - for a renewable energy project to be viable in the long term and to attract the necessary capital, it needs to be profitable. Chinook's unique technology enables us to achieve profitability where others have failed.

Continue to innovate - we will continue to develop and evolve our technologies to improve upon what we already do well and to address new challenges. We tend to be attracted to business challenges that others avoid by coming at the problem from a new direction and developing a capability that others do not have.

Cultivate partnerships - particularly in a new and strategically essential area such as renewable energy, it will be necessary to engage a wide range of partners across the public and private sectors and to work with those partners in an open and transparent way. We will only succeed in achieving our goals if our partners succeed in achieving their goals.

Adhere to a strict code of corporate responsibility - to succeed we need to treat our partners, customers, employees and the environment with integrity, openness and a sense of shared mutual interests.

Chinook is fully certified for quality & enviromental complience.

Quality Policy (9001)

Chinook has been granted the ISO 9001 certificate in recognition of our quality managment systems in customer satisfaction.

Environmental Policy (14001)

Chinook has been granted the ISO 14001 certificate in recognition of our dedication to continuous improvements in our environmental performance and reduction on our impact on the environment wherever possible.

Chinook recognises that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of our business.

General (9001 & 14001)

  • The contents of our policies shall be communicated to all personnel through induction training and its understanding verified during internal audits.
  • We are committed to complying with the requirements of our management systems and shall strive to continually improve the performance and effectiveness of our systems.
  • The performance of our management systems and our objectives shall be reviewed to ensure their effectiveness and continued suitability at our 12 month management review meetings.

Proven technology

Chinook's world leading thermal treatment technology for environmental applications is in its 9th design generation and has a proven track record in commercial operating plants in the US and Europe, having been successfully implemented in 18 projects around the world over the last 19 years.

Technology Highlights:

  • Leading yields for activated carbon manufacture
  • Extra high-quality activated carbon (high performance AC)
  • High purity renewable hydrogen capture at >99.99% purity
  • The only technology that combines both optimum high performance Ac production with high purity hydrogen production.
  • Lowest capex energy from waste systems
  • One of only a handful of technologies which can produce syngas from waste suitable for manufacture of renewable aviation fuel

Unsurpassed environmental performance

Chinook has an unblemished environmental record over 19 years of commercial operation. Chinook's comprehensibly monitored and controlled process is able to easily comply with the strictest emission standards worldwide by a large margin.