Delta OHM - member of the GHM GROUP

Delta OHM - member of the GHM GROUP

Delta Ohm develops and manufactures instruments for measuring: Temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, BAR, mBar, Pascal, mmH2O, InchHG, psi, air speed, light, Phot, UVA, UVB, UVC, UVindex, Solar Radiation, PAR, Acoustic, Sound meter, Vibration, Noise, CO, CO2, Air Quality, pH, ORP, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Data loggers, WBGT microclimate, PPV, PMV, Heat stress, Outdoor environmental, Rain, Level, Soil temperature, Water activity, Wind direction, Wind speed, Pyranometers, Pirhelyometer, Pirgeometer, Water analysis, Barometer, Snow, Weather Station, Albedo, Sunshine duration, Solar sensor, Rain Gauge, Soil Humidity, Leaf wetness, Lux, Weather station, Datalogger, Duct Flow, Photovoltaic, Wind power, Meteorology, Light Source LED Spectroradiometer, Since end of 2015, DeltaOHM joined the group GHM-Messtechnik. The GHM group born from the merger of several companies, mainly based in Germany, operating in the production of measurement devices and process instruments.

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Via GMarconi, 5 , Caselle di Selvazzano , Padua 35030 Italy
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Meteorological Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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