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  • Prevent Partial Discharge Failures

  • CableData Collector System

    CableData Collector System

    Cable asset managers around the world have a very real need to understand the condition of their ageing Medium and High Voltage (MV/HV) assets. The CableData Collector™ (CDC) is designed to help in the management and, ultimately, the reliability of these cable networks. The CableData Collector™ identifies and allows you to report on PD activity in LIVE MV/HV cable networks. This early identification helps to reduce the need for disruptive...

  • UltraTEV Plus - Partial Discharge (PD) Detector

    UltraTEV Plus - Partial Discharge (PD) Detector

    The UltraTEV Plus+™ combines all the best features of the UltraTEV Detector™ and so much more all in one hand-held instrument. The UltraTEV Plus+™ is a handheld instrument used to detect and measure partial discharge in high voltage assets, including, but not limited too; switchboards, cable boxes, cables and outdoor switchyards. The UltraTEV Plus+™ is the most versatile and effective handheld partial discharge instrument...