Electrical Consultants Inc

Electrical Consultants Inc

ECI is a full service Engineering Design Firm specializing in the Power & Telecommunications Industry. Find out more about the services we offer by choosing one below. Our Company logo bears the statement: ‘Engineering with Distinction’ stating ECI’s conviction that we are... ‘not content to simply follow established engineering practice, but rather strive to make every project the best, most functional and cost efficient installation for the Owner.’

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3521 Gabel Road , Billings , Montana 59102 USA
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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Power Distribution
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Electrical Consultants, Inc. (ECI) was incorporated in 1985 as a result of the purchase of the telephone engineering division of its predecessor, Associated Engineers, by Pacific Telecom, Inc. ECI established a small office in Billings, Montana to continue to serve the electric utility and industrial clients the firm had worked with for up to 25 years. The company has grown significantly since its humble beginnings and currently employs almost 300 professional engineers, surveyors and technical staff performing project design work throughout the United States and abroad.

Operating from four major regional offices throughout the west and mid-west, ECI has expanded its presence as one of the country’s leading T&D consulting design firms. ECI’s staff consists of highly experienced and qualified individuals available to coordinate and direct engineering efforts for any number of services. Our tremendous depth of professional staff helps to assure completion of projects in minimal response times and includes individuals with highly specialized or unique experience that ensures prompt and qualified responses to any project work scope item, whether it be a simple design question or one that involves complex, regional issues.

Our wholly owned subsidiary, EPC Services Company (EPC), was formed in 2000 to provide a professional based Project Management/EPC firm to handle the demand for utility and independent power delivery projects having ever shorter times for completion. Some of the first projects undertaken by EPC were the construction of fiber optic regeneration sites for long haul, high bandwidth communications. However, changing market demands quickly resulted in the steady growth of EPC Services for traditional utility projects as well as major industrial loads having customer-owned facilities. Because of this, EPC has quickly grown from a small company to one of the very largest specialty Engineer-Procure-Construct companies in the United States.

ECI’s motto of “Engineering with Distinction” is not only meant as a sign of commitment to our clients but also serves as a reminder to our staff that distinction comes from being innovative, and innovation combined with quality keeps you at the forefront of the pack.

The following key points represent an overview of ECI’s core values and business philosophy:

Firm Size – ECI’s T&D staff of almost 300 engineers, technicians and support personnel is comparable in size and depth to the T&D staff of many of the largest U.S. A/E firms excluding personnel dedicated to power generation. ECI is small enough to provide a high level of personal commitment, yet large enough to provide the necessary response to project needs.

Reputation/Service - Our reputation for Quality and Service is evident from inspection of ECI’s growth in fees and staff over the years. This growth is substantially a result of recognition by our clients of the high quality engineering that ECI provides. Efficiency and response is enhanced through consistent customer interface provided by our dedicated staff.

Innovation to Solve Difficult Problems - Our Company logo bears the statement: “Engineering with Distinction”, stating ECI’s conviction that we are …. “not content to simply follow established engineering practice, but rather strive to make every project the best, most functional and cost efficient installation for the Owner.” It is our opinion that these goals are the true basis on which engineering consultants should be measured.

Quality, Cost-Effective Design Services - ECI’s average employee efficiency has exceeded 85% annually on a consistent basis. Employees are rewarded on an incentive compensation basis which results in Project Managers and Project Teams who strive to complete projects within their engineering fee budgets. As a result, our hourly fee schedule is extremely competitive in comparison to similar size firms.

Firm & Staff Technical Capabilities - ECI specializes in providing a full range of services to only electrical power and communications utilities. Within this area of specialization, we have accomplishments that most utilities may believe are common only to the largest consulting firms, such as phase-shifting transformers, series compensation banks and gas insulated substation design.

Staying Abreast of Current Issues and Technology –ECI’s policy is to use the most current technical tools available to provide our clients with the most cost-efficient engineering solutions possible. We strive to stay current with the most up-to-date engineering, design, drafting, communications and multi-media products available. ECI is committed to using the best available current technology in the services we provide and as such, capital investment in software and technology exceeds $400,000 annually.