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Energy Innovations is passionate about biomass energy and is a leading designer and supplier of biomass and district heating systems in the UK. Our team is able to take a project from conception (design) through to completion (commissioning the boiler). Energy Innovations design, supply, install and maintain woodchip, wood pellet and district heating systems from 12kW to 6MW.

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Theberton Hall Farm, Theberton , Leiston , Suffolk IP16 4SE United Kingdom
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Energy Innovations began in 2006 with Nat and India Bacon as a Suffolk biomass company installing wood chip and wood pellet boilers in East Anglia, joined early on by Oliver Close-Brooks. Tom Corbett operated as a regional distributor of biomass boilers in the west through his own business Hill Green Energy, until in 2009 the two companies merged.

Energy Innovations has now established itself as one of the UK's leading biomass heating specialists and biomass boiler suppliers, with offices in Suffolk, Hereford, Lincolnshire and Wiltshire. We are proud to be among the few remaining independent biomass boiler suppliers in the UK.

Biomass boiler suppliers: why choose Energy Innovations?

Energy Innovations takes pride in efficient project management, efficient systems and efficient financial considerations alike. We are a robust, experienced and technically expert company with a fundamental focus on sound engineering, providing considered solutions based on in-depth analyses of the best approaches to integrating, converting and designing our biomass heating systems. We believe it is vital to approach each installation as a unique project, allowing us to understand the precise requirements and deliver systems that are efficient, economical and appropriate to their purpose. If your project is not suited to biomass heating, we will let you know upfront.

Our carefully chosen suppliers reflect our own commitment to detail, excellence and efficiency in the industry, aspiring always to deliver the best solution. The combination of our experienced technical team, engineers and the market-leading products we supply enables us to provide high-quality renewable heating systems that perform as efficiently as their installation is executed.

Leading Biomass Heating Specialists

With over 200 biomass heating systems installed across the UK in both domestic and industrial settings, Energy Innovations is experienced in the planning, design, sourcing and installation of an extensive range of renewable heating projects. At the core of Energy Innovations' operation is a focus on and enthusiasm for the quality engineering of biomass heating systems. We source and integrate the very best quality and the most appropriate products, to make each individual project as efficient, effective and economical as possible. We pride ourselves on the breadth of expert service that we offer, from supply through to servicing and maintenance.

Potential clients can visit working Energy Innovations biomass heating systems across a wide range of sectors to gain a clear idea of how a relevant system looks and works once installed, commissioned and running.

Energy Innovations' accumulated expertise in the design, engineering and particulars of renewable heating systems puts us in a position to offer the best solutions at every stage of the installation process, from planning through to commissioning and later servicing and maintenance.

Some of the initial major benefits to installing a biomass heating system include significant carbon savings, running cost savings, fuel security and reduced price volatility. At Energy Innovations we can help you make the most of these benefits through our developed understanding of our biomass heating systems.

What is it?

Biomass is organic non-fossil material of biological origin, from a wide range of sources. The biomass heating fuels used by Energy Innovations' systems are primarily wood chip and wood pellet, with some running on arboricultural products. 

Biomass offers an environmentally-friendly heating fuel which can provide up to 90% efficient, carbon neutral heating for domestic, industrial and district settings alike. Schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offer financial benefits for the use of biomass for heat, beyond the obvious savings inherent in the lower cost of biomass over fossil fuels.

Energy Innovations can offer advice on how the conversion to a biomass heating system can result not only in environmentally-friendly heating but a more sustainable set of bills for you.  

Although biomass and fossil fuels share in the same raw materials, the CO2 and other elements released in the combustion of biomass for heat are already within the relevant carbon cycles, so the environmental balance is maintained and the result is carbon neutral heating.

Carbon Neutral Heating

As biomass heating fuels are broken down or burned, the CO2 absorbed over the life of those plants or trees is released. When sustainably sourced biomass heating fuels are burned, the plants already being grown to produce future stocks of fuel in turn absorb the CO2 produced, through photosynthesis. Provided the source of the biomass heating fuels is sustainable, the combustion of biomass for heat produces no net CO2 emissions at a basic level. This is why biomass heating in a responsibly managed system delivers carbon neutral, eco-friendly heating.

Although the end-product is eco-friendly heating, some net emissions are produced through the boiler manufacturing process and delivery of biomass heating fuels. These vary with circumstance and can be minimised by ensuring the entire system is well designed. Responsible local fuel sourcing, innovative and intelligent feed systems and an environmentally-friendly approach to the overall installation are all vital in ensuring systems using biomass for heat achieve optimum economy.

Below is a brief selection of Energy Innovations' client feedback. To see more testimonials and to look at a range of our biomass boiler installations in detail, please visit our projectspage.

Shobdon Court (Gilles HPK-RA Domestic Wood Chip Boiler 85kW)

'Since the installation of our Gilles boiler by Energy Innovations we have had 2.5 years of trouble free operation and have not had to revert to using our old gas boilers at any time. Even through last winter's extreme cold, when the temperature did not rise above -7˚C for over 7 days and fell to as low as -18˚C, the boiler maintained the temperature at a comfortable level in our old and poorly insulated house. The fact that the only time the boiler has stopped producing heat is when we have forgotten to check the chip supply and have found it has run out (!), is an indication of how little attention the boiler needs. The day to day operation and maintenance required really is minimal. When the boiler has required attention or servicing the service from Energy innovations, this has been prompt and efficient.' 

Rotherfield Park, main house and six estate cottages (Gilles HPKI-K 550kW Industrial Wood Chip Boiler)

'When I was looking for a firm to install a new boiler, I inspected a number of set-ups and each time asked the owner whether he would use the same firm again. They all said no until I got to Energy innovations. That was the clincher for me [...] if I were asked the same question today I would give the answer I got then.'

St Helens Rugby Stadium (Gilles HPKI-K Industrial Wood Pellet Boiler 240kW)

'Energy Innovations won the contract to supply and install a biomass boiler in our new stadium [...] After making contact with them, I was given the opportunity to look at several of their installations to help me decide what would be most suitable [fuel] for our particular needs. The decision was eventually made and the installation was completed. [...] Energy Innovations did a first class installation and provided us with good support and advice. I would recommend them to any prospective installation regarding biomass.'

Poultry Installation, (Gilles HPKI-R Industrial 360kW & 550kW)

'Energy Innovations recently completed a biomass project at our poultry farm. The quality of the components used, together with their knowledge and expertise throughout the installation, has been faultless. Continued support from the company during the early operating stages has been much appreciated - a very sound and professional team.'