Energy Institute (EI)

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  • Information Services

    Information Services

    EI Member-only access databases includes Ebsco Environment Complete e-journals, Internationally traded crude oils, Energy Institute journal abstracts, Knovel e-books, News-in-brief and Independent Bulk Storage addresses and capacities.

  • Energy Briefings

    Energy Briefings

    The Energy Institute is pleased to present Energy Briefings that offer an independent overview of energy issues. The briefings are intended to aid understanding of the UK energy industry and are supported by EI member expertise and analysis.

  • Library Services

    Library Services

    The EI Library holds an extensive collection of material on the energy industries ranging from oil exploration to petrol retailing, nuclear energy to renewables, technical to business and dating from the mid 19th century to the present day. We hold conference proceedings, directories, statistical publications, textbooks, CD-ROMs, and have access to online and in-house databases such as Petroleum Abstracts.Most of our books can be

  • Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC)

    Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC)

    Do you need reliable energy efficiency advice for your business? Do you want to find a single source of high quality, independently assessed and accredited consultants? You need to consult the Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC). Operated jointly by the EI and ESTA, the register is a free-to-access source of qualified and experienced consultants who all work in one or more aspects of energy demand and efficiency providing high-quality,...