EnviraCarbon, Inc.

EnviraCarbon, Inc.

Every citizen of this earth desires to live in a clean environment. Most of us, however, are unwilling to give up our way of life and our conveniences in order to attain that “green” planet that we all desire. We are fast coming to the realization that a balance needs to be struck in order to maintain our life style, while reversing the damage that irresponsible use of fossil fuels has caused. EnviraCarbon, Inc. has discovered the solution. In the pages to follow you will see an exciting and clear picture of what the future holds because of this innovative, proprietary technology.

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Nationally (across the country)

  • For now, coal power plants are an indispensible part of the world’s energy future
  • However, the burning of coal produces environmental challenges
  • Carbon neutral renewable bio mass could offset this challenge, but not without being molecularly altered
  • Bio mass, when grown by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, is an eco-friendly source of energy
  • But is not necessarily utility friendly
  • Utilities are being required to use  bio mass to meet Government mandates
  • But in the majority of cases, utilities cannot burn the bio mass
  • This poses economic difficulties for the utilities
  • Enviranized™ BioFuel is the answer
  • It looks like coal, weighs like coal, pulverizes like coal, burns like coal

We, the collaborative partners, who make up this expert team of coal professionals, come from diverse mining backgrounds. Together we represent almost two centuries of eclectic coal mining experience.

  • From domestic steam coal sales at $5 per ton to the exporting of the most sophisticated metallurgical coals in the world at over $300 per ton.
  • From trucking coal to the end user, to shipping it by super-collier half way around the world.
  • From overnight spot shipments, to ten year evergreen supply contracts.
  • From conventional mining underground with shovel and donkey to the most highly sophisticated, computerized mining techniques.
  • From one dozer contour surface mining to large mountain-top removal jobs employing over 100 million dollars in equipment.
  • From Kelly Bar augers to the massive highwall miners of today.
  • From virtually no regulation to the current overly regulated industry that it is today

We have literally witnessed a business metamorphose, almost to the point of being unrecognizable, and yet we have evolved with it. We have employed modern techniques and purchased the most innovative equipment. We have developed new technologies that have improved the profitability of surface mining and have opened up reserves that were before not minable. We have ridden the rollercoaster of shifting markets and made the adjustments, that would at times ensure our survival and at others our prosperity. We span over four decades in a business that rarely takes prisoners and yet we have prospered through it all.

And now we are poised to once again be on the cutting-edge of yet another brand new day in this industry. Rather than resisting the onslaught of environmentalism, as most have done, we have elected to embrace it. We have decided to do our part in the “greening” of coal by blending it together with renewable bio-mass, thereby opening a practically untouched, yet rapidly emerging market.

To survive in the current business climate is considered by some to be success. We strongly disagree and believe that we have the answer to not only generating substantial profits but also to making coal an environmentally friendly fuel that will carry this nation toward energy independence.

The world is presented with a monumental problem. The environment of our planet is deteriorating. Although the condition of the environment has been overstated by some, the fact still remains that the continued use of fossil fuels in an irresponsible way is going to cause the decline to continue. Faced with that looming reality, world leaders have responded with ever tightening regulations and requirements on the production of, and burning of, fossil based fuels. One of their primary targets is the coal industry. But, however negative their rhetoric seems to be toward coal, there are several major obstacles to eliminating or even seriously curtailing its use. Foremost is the astounding truth that well over 50% of all electricity generated in the United States comes from coal, and that the usage is actually increasing.

EnviraCarbon, Inc. has recently purchased and developed proprietary technology which solves the above problems that have impeded the co-firing of coal and bio-mass. Quite simply, the EnviraCarbon process alters the bio-mass feedstock into a product that looks and burns like coal, but with negligible sulfur and ash content. Called EnvirAnized™ BioFuel, this bio-mass product can be directly fired into coal burning power plants without plant modifications.

The market for EnvirAnized™ BioFuel is vast and virtually untapped. All coal-fired utilities must be generating a large percentage of their kilowatt hours with bio-mass in the near future in order to meet federal mandates. Presently only a small fraction of that requirement is being produced for use by the utilities.