The next logical step was to develop proprietary technology and to become a wind turbine manufacturer. EOLYS has created a research and development sector to refine and sustain the technical solutions already developed and to offer high-end wind turbines in design, reliability, technical support and maintenance since no such offer was available on the market for small and medium wind turbines. EOLYS employs six people and has become a consulting firm in the field of small wind turbines, backed up by the experience of a manufacturer who produces the models we design. We are developing a world-wide network of distributors and will provide installers with the training and technical assistance necessary to maintain the high standard of our products.

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Route De La Chataigneraie , St Hilaire De Voust , 85120 France

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)

Jerome Bousquet, who founded the EOLYS Company in 2006, first started out as an installer of wind turbines. He was soon faced with problems relating to the reliability of existing wind turbines which were mainly made in Europe and China.
Most manufacturers offered a range of low or medium quality wind turbines with little or even no after-sales service. After installation, breakdowns could take several weeks or even months to repair with the resulting drop in profitability because no electricity could be produced.

Jerome Bousquet decided to implement the experience and expertise he had gained in the field of small and medium wind turbines in order to find technical solutions to increase the reliability of existing models. This led to the development of safety systems and automatic self-management machinery.

All the innovations relating to electronics, including security systems and self-management, have been finalized. However, there were gaps in the optimization of the mechanical parts which led EOLYS to look for an industrial partner with extensive experience in the field of aviation, a sector which faces similar technical constraints to those of the wind. The ideal company had to be a small, flexible industrial company with recognized expertise.

In 2010 a partnership was established with BOUY SAS, a company with a capital of one million euros, located in the western region of France, the Vendée and employing over 250 people. BOUY SAS has built up a strong reputation based on almost forty years experience in the field of precision engineering and integration for civil and military aviation, the automobile industry, the space industry, chemical and petrochemical industries and telecommunications. The BOUY Company offers consultancy and engineering services in partnership with their customers' Engineering & Design Departments. It also has the capacity to co-develop new products, to machine complex technical parts, to assemble and test their products and furthermore, BOUY has a high manufacturing capacity thanks to its plant wich covers an area of 6000 m2.