Our Society is producer of the innovative small wind turbine ELY50 of 50 kw, entirely designed and manufactured by us, in ITALY. The turbine is being certified to IEC 61400-1 (the system), 61400-12 (the dumbness) and 61400-22 (the power curve), at ICIM Institute of Milan. ELY50 offers great performances also with winds of low intensity and with reduced costs of installation and maintenance; we underline that it reach the best energy production with only 8.5 m / s, with only 48 rotations/min. Our Turbine, with an average wind of just 5,5 m/s, produces 175.000/180.000 kW.

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via Roma , porto empedocle , ITALY Italy

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Nationally (across the country)