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  • eSight - Enterprise Monitoring and Targeting / Energy Management System Suite

    eSight Analysis: eSight Energy’s eSight M&T / EMS (Monitoring and Targeting / Energy Management System) suite is the most sophisticated and comprehensive fully web based energy suite available. The functionality is presented in an array of modules which may be selected individually to tailor eSight to meet your specific requirements. eSight is extremely user friendly, providing a range of powerful analysis techniques, accessible through an intuitive interface suitable for users of

  • eSight ENVI - eSight Energy to help organisations Go Green with ENVI®

    eSight ENVI - eSight Energy to help organisations Go Green with ENVI®

    eSight Energy, developers of the leading eSight energy management software, have launched eSight ENVI®, an innovative energy dashboard to display engaging and interactive energy data. The launch strengthens the company’s portfolio of energy management products by offering a universally accessible solution to enable organisations to understand and promote energy performance. eSight ENVI® combines state-of-the-art dashboard technology with a simple,...

  • Project Tracking Module

    Project Tracking Module

    The eSight Project Tracking Module provides a solution for customers wanting to define and achieve energy goals. Project Tracking is a simple and concise workflow with an extremely user friendly interface which allows an easy to read visual representation of the project life cycle.

  • eSight - Free Facilities Dashboards

    eSight - Free Facilities Dashboards

    Overview: eSight’s Facilities Dashboards are included with each eSight user license purchase, designed to enable eSight users to bring together essential energy information, charts or tables on a single page. Through the Dashboard module, users may run up to four easily interchangeable screens side by side, with each screen automatically updating every minute. This gives an accurate view of vital information without having to flick between screens. The...

  • Excel - Reporting Module

    Excel - Reporting Module

    The eSight Excel Reporting Module allows any eSight user to access energy data from eSight directly from Microsoft Excel for further analysis. By using the existing Web Service Interface to eSight, a variety of data and information can be viewed from Excel and manipulated using standard Excel functions, even allowing the ability to upload resulting data sets back into eSight.

  • eSight Windows - Gadget

    eSight Windows - Gadget

    The eSight Windows Gadget allows the eSight user to view important information and meter data on the Windows desktop, allowing quick views and one-click access to relevant areas of eSight. The gadget automatically updates every minute to ensure the user sees the latest eSight information.

  • eSight - Express

    eSight - Express

    eSight provides two main levels of user access; advanced and express. As a general rule, advanced users are provided with access to the complete functionality within the eSight modules they have purchased. Express users have access to a more simplified set of functionality within eSight, which has been simplified still further.

  • eSight - Energy Analysis Module

    eSight - Energy Analysis Module

    The eSight Energy Analysis module enables data to be presented in a wide range of graphs, tables, reports and exports. In addition, reports may be run on an ad hoc basis, saved as templates for later use or scheduled for automatic production and distribution by email.

  • eSight - Financial Analysis

    eSight - Financial Analysis

    eSight Financial Analysis enables the conversion of consumption data into monetary units. The module provides a central way of managing and storing tariff and contract information and applying this information to the relevant site metering channels within eSight.

  • eSight - Reporting

    eSight - Reporting

    The eSight Reporting module provides a standard set of report templates which may be viewed on an ad hoc basis. Users may select which company, sites and metering channels upon which the report will be run. For example a single report may be run against different areas of your organisation. In addition, reports may be automatically scheduled for automatic production and distribution by email.

  • eSight - Data Exchange

    eSight - Data Exchange

    eSight Data Exchange module provides the mechanisms through which data is automatically imported into eSight for analysis. The module contains a vast range of data drivers which are referenced when importing data from different types of systems and databases. The Data Exchange module also contains a full reporting facility to ensure that imported data can be validated and reported on at the point of import.

  • eSight - Exception Reporting

    eSight - Exception Reporting

    The eSight Exception Reporting module enables automatic generation of energy alarms based on predetermined alarm conditions. When the preset parameters have been breached, an alarm is generated and may either be dealt with in eSight or may be forwarded to a specific user or users, via email or SMS text message.

  • Calculated Meters

    Calculated Meters

    Calculated meters are used to create a metering channel with a calculation or equation behind it. Sometimes referred to as “virtual” metering channels, they can be used to aggregate data, calculate Power Factor, kVa, boiler efficiency and much more. eSight provides the ability to easily configure and manage calculated meters.

  • eSight - Benchmarking

    eSight - Benchmarking

    Benchmarking of different sites within an organisation is critical in the provision of performance analysis. eSight Benchmarking provides the ability to benchmark data to the finest granularity where profile data is available. Benchmarking may be performed against industry or government defined standards as well as user definable standards.

  • eSight - Tenant Billing

    eSight - Tenant Billing

    eSight tenant billing provides a simplified and automated method for management of the complete tenant billing process across one or more sites. Presented in a number of clearly structured steps, tenant billing enables users to set up and manage multiple tenants and generate bills on a scheduled basis.

  • eSight - Fully Multilingual Product

    eSight - Fully Multilingual Product

    eSight is a fully multilingual product. Language packs may be purchased to add additional languages allowing users to be configured to access eSight in another language.

  • Energy Star - Energy Management software

    Energy Star - Energy Management software

    eSight’s ENERGY STAR Module links directly to Portfolio Manager, the web-based software platform provided by the Environmental Protection Agency to help buildings earn the ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR integration allows eSight users to connect to existing ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager accounts. This provides the ability to send energy consumption and utility billing data from eSight directly to Portfolio Manager and to pull in Energy Performance...