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Current Events

  • US Biogas 2018

    US Biogas 2018

    San Diego, CA, USA

    The US biogas market holds more opportunity than ever before. Making the most of the surge in demand and advances in biogas technology, businesses must have the right business plan, equipment and comprehensive information on the latest grants, tax credits, subsidies, laws and regulations.To help you capitalize on your commercial opportunities in the most lucrative markets, US Biogas 2018 (November 5-6, San Diego) will bring together more than ...

  • PV O&M USA - 2018

    PV O&M USA - 2018

    San Diego, CA, USA

    The experts speaking at PV O&M USA have extensive experience in the market, and exclusive knowledge of the O&M workings of their industry-leading companies – if you want to grow your O&M strategy, improve your knowledge and get the most out of your PV plants, this is the conference for you!

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Past Events

  • US Offshore Wind - 2018

    US Offshore Wind - 2018

    Boston, MA, USA

    The USOW18 event is THE #1 networking hub for businesses that are looking to invest, find partners or secure contracts in upcoming US offshore wind projects. USOW18 conference unites 1000+ executives, covering everything you need to know about the US offshore wind industry, including two NEW deep-dive breakout sessions on Commercializing Floating Wind Turbines and US Offshore Wind Supply Chain Opportunities. Anticipating the US offshore wind ...

  • Middle East and North Africa [MENA] New Energy 2018

    Middle East and North Africa [MENA] New Energy 2018

    Dubai, UAE

    The Middle East and North Africa [MENA] conference will once again bring together an influential audience of industry leaders in a dynamic set-up that will tackle the biggest issues and challenges facing your company, industry and network now and in the future. We offer more interaction and value for the attendees meaning that we attract a very high level of industry participants.

  • 10th Annual Wind Operations Dallas - 2018

    10th Annual Wind Operations Dallas - 2018

    Dallas, TX, USA

    Wind Operations Dallas has, for the past 10 years, focused heavily on ensuring that we bring you the very latest in both cutting edge trends as well as exceptional peer insights, best practice and lessons learned. As a result, our 10th edition features our most ambitious agenda to date with more sessions than ever before set to challenge conventional thinking towards lowering LCOE, increasing AEP and boosting wind profitability.

  • CSP Seville 2017

    CSP Seville 2017

    Seville, Spain

    Major players in CSP have been working hard to drive down their LCOE, and many have made impressive inroads—just look at the downward trending price of power from NOOR 1, to NOOR 2 and 3, followed by Redstone, and then Solar Reserve’s record breaking bid price of 6.3 cents per kWh in Chile. Then, in a very recent open tender for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, ACWA put in a bid at under 10 cents per kWh. Ok, so Solar ...

  • Offshore Wind Europe 2017

    Offshore Wind Europe 2017

    London, United Kingdom

    After extensive research with the budget holders and decision makers at every offshore wind developer, operator and owner we have decided to host this forum in two tracks. The Pre-Construction track and the Post-Construction track. To avoid competitive clashes, each owner will be leading an interactive workshop that involves their piers across different companies with different sized portfolio for a fully wrapped networking and knowledge ...

  • US Biogas 2017

    US Biogas 2017

    San Diego, CA, USA

    Join over 200 biogas and RNG experts at the 2017 conference to learn how to develop profitable biogas projects using a variety of feedstocks and project configurations.

  • 9th Annual Middle East and North Africa [MENA] New Energy 2017

    9th Annual Middle East and North Africa [MENA] New Energy 2017

    Dubai, UAE

    The Middle East and North Africa [MENA] is home to more than half of the globe’s oil reserves and more than a third of its natural gas supplies. In the last decade, the MENA region has started to harness the abundant natural energy resources that it has in plentiful supply - namely, solar power - but also, more recently, it has looked to take advantage of the power of the wind. To augment this movement to "New Energy", MENA New ...

  • 10th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit - CSP Today Sevilla 2016

    10th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit - CSP Today Sevilla 2016

    Seville, Spain

    CSP Today Sevilla 2016 is the event you need to be at to secure a successful 17 commercial pipeline. The event brings senior executives from all over the globe but most importantly brings the key influencers, Government representatives and C-Level executives from developers and EPCs from all main international CSP Markets.