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  • Turbine Flowmeter

  • Model FT Series - Turbine Flowmeter

    Model FT Series - Turbine Flowmeter

    FT Series flowmeters are used in a wide variety of applications. Some examples are automotive and aerospace test stands; subsea control systems; feedback and control systems on aeroderivative turbine generators; as well as general purpose industrial flow measurements. The full range of bearings, end connections, calibrations and electronics are available for this series making it the most versatile, capable of meeting a wide range of applications.

  • Model HS Series - Turbine Flowmeter

    Model HS Series - Turbine Flowmeter

    HS Series 'high shock' turbine flowmeters are specifically designed to withstand pressure spikes that create hydraulic shock waves in fluids when actuators or rams are activated. This water hammer effect can dislodge the internals or sheer rotor blades off other turbine designs. The HS Series is based on the FT design providing the same high level of accuracy, with added benefits of a ruggedized housing and reinforced rotor to eliminate protential...