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  • Electronic production. Process intensification by ABC-100 (PC GlobeCore)

    Electronic production. Process intensification by ABC-100 (PC GlobeCore)

    One of the perspective application areas of ABC (Intensifier of technological Processes by PC GlobeCore) is production of a current-conducting compositions which are used for fabrication of unwire resistors. These resistors are used as plate load in ...

    Oksana Bichurina

  • Methods of oil/fuel analysis

    Methods of oil/fuel analysis

    PC GlobeCore can propose you to make a reclaiming test of yours example of fuel (oil) to verify the possibility of clean it. If the oil is contaminated and not suitable for use, filtration can be recommended. Or, you can also make this test by ...

    Oksana Bichurina

  • On-site regeneration of transformer oil

    On-site regeneration of transformer oil

    Regeneration of transformer oil at the transformer’s location is an important preventive measure of transformer servicing.   Transformer life time is, in essence, the life time of its insulation system. The most widely used insulation ...

    Oksana Bichurina

  • Transformer oil quality control

    Transformer oil quality control

    It is impossible to ensure reliability and longevity of energy systems without controlling the quality of transformer oil. Recent experience shows that approximately 30% of transformer oil, filled in power transformers, has deteriorated to the point ...

    Oksana Bichurina

  • Time to replace your transformer?

    Time to replace your transformer?

    Modern oil transformers are not the strongest part of the connection between energy producers and consumers. Transformers have no moving or friction parts, their efficiency of voltage transformation is close to 99%, therefore their life time ...

    Oksana Bichurina

  • Why regenerate transformer oil?

    Why regenerate transformer oil?

    Article contain the information about the most important definition in transformer oil treatment. Its include terms such as transformer oil regeneration, insulation oil regeneration, purification of oils, degassing of oil, oil treatment, filtration ...

    Oksana Bichurina