Gooch Thermal Systems, Inc. is the largest American manufacturer of spiral heat exchangers. We custom-design spiral heat exchangers that are cost-effective, energy saving solutions to difficult heat transfer problems. The spiral heat exchanger is ideal for applications that often foul or plug traditional heat exchangers like the shell & tube or plate heat exchanger. We supply spiral heat exchangers to industries worldwide ranging from chemical processing to petroleum refining to wastewater treatment.

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1221 Route 22 East , Lebanon , New Jersey 08833 USA

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Hydrotesting Gooch Thermal Spiral Heat Exchangers

Gooch Thermal manufactures spiral heat exchangers for difficult services and special applications where efficiency and reliability are critical during continuous operation.

Our spirals often handle fouling chemicals, process slurries, product streams or waste effluents that are prone to plugging in other types of heat exchangers.


  • Product Coolers & Heaters
  • Heat Recovery Interchangers
  • Overhead Vapor Condensers
  • Column Reboilers & Vaporizers
  • Sludge Digester Heaters
  • Sludge to Sludge Interchangers

Gooch Thermal spiral heat exchangers are built according to ASME Code with U-stamp and registered with the National Board. We can also build units according to other internationally recognized pressure vessel codes.

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Countercurrent Spiral Heat Exchanger

The spiral heat exchanger is a welded, circular plate heat exchanger with two concentric spiral flow passages, one for each fluid. Its many advantages include:

  • Superior Heat Transfer & Low Fouling
  • Countercurrent or Co-current Flow
  • Self-Cleaning & Online Reliability
  • Small Footprint & Easy Accessibility

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Gooch Thermal Sludge Spiral Heat Exchanger

Gooch Thermal designs and manufactures spiral heat exchangers for digester sludge heating & cooling applications in wastewater treatment plants.  Established in 1989, we are the largest American manufacturer of spiral heat exchangers and one of the most experienced suppliers worldwide.

In the wastewater treatment industry, our custom-designed sludge spiral heat exchangers are ideal for:

  • Digester sludge heating (mesophilic & thermophilic)
  • Sludge pasteurization
  • Thermal disinfection of biosolids
  • Heat recovery from fouling wastewater and plant effluents

Spiral Heat Exchangers & Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Our Type 1-DO Sludge Spiral Heat Exchangers reliably maintain optimum temperature conditions for mesophilic and/or thermophilic anaerobic digestion.

We have dozens of spiral heat exchanger installations for digester heating at wastewater treatment plants of all sizes across North America and our presence is growing internationally.