Greensmith Energy Management Systems

As the leading provider of energy storage software and integration services, Greensmith’s mission is to make energy storage a fundamental part of a cleaner, more intelligent and distributed energy infrastructure. Now in its fifth generation, Greensmith’s GEMS software platform optimizes the performance of energy storage by lowering costs and maximizing system return on investment. Greensmith Energy designs and deploys the world’s most advanced energy storage systems. From grid-scale to behind-the-meter and microgrid solutions, the Greensmith GEMS software platform enables effective and efficient delivery of stable power with unsurpassed performance and profitability.

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485 Springpark Place Suite 1500 , Herndon , Virginia 20170 USA

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Software vendor
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Energy - Power Distribution
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Nationally (across the country)

Greensmith was established in 2008, and specializes in software and control solutions to operate and manage Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESS) for utility-scale, C&I or Micro-grid deployments often tied to renewable generation.

The company started as a battery-agnostic system integrator and software developer, combining multiple battery types and power conversion systems with proprietary firmware and software to orchestrate and maximize performance and safety. With several patents pending and a core technology and management team driving a unique technology strategy, Greensmith has deployed over thirty projects in the field, establishing itself as a leader in the distributed energy storage market.

The company's 4th generation of software (release Q4 2013) continues to be battery-agnostic capable of addressing a large variety of battery types and chemistries. Greensmith uses command protocols which easily integrate into various legacy and emerging operations and control centers. Our software has been field-tested and endorsed by industry experts such as Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Sandia National Labs and KEMA. With this flexible new generation of software and network architecture, Greensmith is delivering a secure, scalable, cloud-controlled energy storage solution. In addition, the current architecture is capable of advanced data processing and analytics, providing customizable energy solutions for customers' individual load or generation profiles.

Software Optimization Focus:

Greensmith's proprietary technologies and algorithms provide the means to capture the full value of energy storage by optimizing a variety of applications within a single system or a fleet of systems deployed across a distributed grid network integrated with a variety of vital grid assets. From maximizing the health and performance of alternative battery technologies, to programming systems with configurable algorithms, to aggregating multiple distributed systems using data-rich fleet control – all seamlessly integrated to existing grid infrastructure – Greensmith technologies give customers the flexibility to capture long-term value on both sides of the meter.

Proven Solutions:

Greensmith benefited from early, extensive testing by organizations such as EPRI, Sandia National Labs and KEMA, and close collaborative relationships with a growing list of blue chip customers. Now up to seventeen customers globally (including nine electric utilities) Greensmith has direct experience addressing a myriad of grid management issues, including challenges of renewable integration, grid congestion, power quality, micro-grids, PV flicker, and dynamic regulation capacity.

From turn-key systems to GEMS IV site control licensing, Greensmith offers customers and partners the flexibility to address a variety of go-to-market strategies.

Battery OEM's can leverage Greensmith's solution expertise to deliver turn-key systems,Developer partners can utilize the GEMS IV Site Control platform to select from multiple battery/PCS combinations to address a variety of grid applications, End-users can unlock the power of Greensmith's GEMS IV Applications Portfolio to maximize project economics, Utilities can deploy and manage a fleet of grid-proven, turn key systems from substation to grid edge.

  • Field proven, mature platform: 30 systems deployed, 17 customers incl. 9 utilities
  • Deep integration experience: 12+ Unique Battery/PCS integration combinations
  • Broad applications portfolio: Grid and Behind the Meter applications stack maximizes project economics