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  • Tanks

  • Caustic and Caustic Rinse Tanks

    Caustic and Caustic Rinse Tanks

    The tanks are constructed of 1/4' mild steel plate and are reinforced at the lip with steel channel and at the girth with angle. In addition, the lower portion of the sidewall and the bottom are reinforced with T bar and/or I beam. The tanks are heated by immersion tube burners fabricated of schedule 40 steel pipe and fired with atmospheric type burners. Temperature control of the solution is manual, and the necessary burners are furnished. The stacks...

  • Galvanizing Furnaces

  • End Fired Furnaces

    End Fired Furnaces

    End fired furnaces have been in use for many years. They are excellent choices for specific plant applications with moderate production rates, and they are easy to run and maintain. They are also less expensive to build. However, end fired furnaces must be carefully designed and the kettle wall must be protected with insulation for the first few feet from the burner or rapid erosion of the kettle inner wall will occur. The major portion of heat...

  • Flat Flame Furnaces

    Flat Flame Furnaces

    For the highest production rate applications, a well designed side fired 'flat flame' furnace is a good choice. No other furnace design, excepting electric furnaces, allows the even radiation of heat through the kettle sidewall. Each burner is positioned at the proper spacing from its neighbor so that the kettle will not be overheated, and if the kettle is properly sized for the desired production rate, kettle life will be much improved over industry...

  • Aspirated or Inspirator Furnace

    Aspirated or Inspirator Furnace

    A third furnace design that is much less expensive uses multiple small burners along both sides of the furnace near the kettle bottom. These small burners are normally aspirated (drawing their own air supply through a venturi) and do not require a combustion blower. The control system is also quitesimple, but electronic flame safeguards are not practical because of the large number of burners. Another advantage of this furnace system is that it will...