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PREMIUM SOLAR PANELS - For nearly a century the GUTMANN name has been associated with the exceptional design, innovative technology, and quality production of premium aluminium. Based in Weissenburg-Germany, the GUTMANN GROUP is widely-recognized as a trusted international partner for aluminium in industries such as construction, automotive, and mechanical & electrical engineering, with activities in 45 countries. German specifications, fully automated production line and advanced production techniques are applied to produce premium photovoltaic panels, which allow our clients and partners in the industry to reap greater benefits for the labor of their PV projects. High efficiency, longevity and sustainability inspire our meticulous design, which is ensured by the rigorous quality control of each phase of our production. We have implemented a German standardized system in all of our production sites, which guarantees the reliability and consistency of our PV panels.

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Bucher Straße 11 , Nürnberg , Deutschland D - 90419 Germany

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Energy - Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

Recognizing the importance of renewable energy, specifically solar energy produced by photovoltaic (PV), the company has now extended its operations to include a new business segment dedicated to PV Panel Design Specification, Manufacture and Trade, through the establishment of GUTMANN SOLAR.

Most importantly, we understand that customer support and cost are of the utmost importance to our customers, and have made it possible to offer our PV panels at affordable pricing, without compromising our quality and services.

Introducing GUTMANN SOLAR….the superior performance of solar panels is not a thing of the future, but is in fact available now.

Global Partners

GLOBAL EXPANSION - GUTMANN SOLAR is currently on a fast track of expansion in new and emerging markets throughout the world. As such, we seek to establish relationships with serious partners, agents, sales representatives, who may or may not already be members of the PV industry, but wish to collaborate with our company in terms of our solar mission.

Business professionals who are interested in any of the following activities, should contact us today:

  • Establishing an exclusive distribution relationship with GUTMANN SOLAR in a specific geographic region
  • Participating in suggested joint venture opportunities
  • Integrating your business with GUTMANN SOLAR PV panels
  • Collaborating with GUTMANN SOLAR as an independent agent in your local market
  • Independently seeking and managing sales opportunities internationally

THE POWER of SOLAR - The world currently faces what seems to be an endless energy crisis.

The International Energy Agency has said that, “the development of affordable, inexhaustible, and clean solar energy technologies will have huge long-term benefits. It will increase countries’ energy security through reliance on an indigenous, inexhaustible and mostly import-independent resource, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, lower costs of mitigating climate change, and keep fossil fuel prices low – these are global advantages.”

At GUTMANN SOLAR, we recognize that the Sun is the world's most abundant source of energy and can thus offer a limitless supply of power. We believe that solar energy has far more potential than market conditions currently reflect and thus we continue to invest in the research & development which will allow us to create additional products that will further maximize the benefits of our clients in the future.

Solar is the most affordable, efficient, and reliable energy source, that ultimately has the potential to independently provide all the electricity needed to power homes and business throughout the world. Meanwhile, it is important to keep in mind that PV systems are also viable investments, which allow us to receive returns throughout their extensive lifetime.

GLOBAL OUTREACH - GUTMANN SOLAR understands that it is only through dynamic collaborations and partnerships, that the world will truly be able to capture a greater piece of the Sun’s remarkable energy.

As members of the solar industry, it is our responsibility to work together to promote environmental awareness. This is why we seek to build relationships with our fellow partners in the industry and aim to supply them with premium GUTMANN SOLAR PV panels. In fact, we have created a network which allows us to reach every market in the world and offer solutions for all types of PV applications - from residential, commercial to utility-scale.

Together we are driven by an ambitious global strategy, in which we aim to...

  • maximize PV performance by integrating systems with GUTMANN SOLAR panels
  • ensure longevity and offer clients a longer return period for the labor of their projects
  • offer competitive pricing and make top quality affordable
  • promote environmental awareness and the autonomous use of solar power
  • make Solar the strongest Renewable Energy Source

WE ARE THE CHANGE - In light of several environmental challenges that the world faces today, we must learn to embrace Renewable Energy Sources (RES) effectively and must continuously invest in the discovery of new manners in which to exploit them.

This is why GUTMANN SOLAR utilizes “green technology” for the future and has vowed to create PV systems that offer substantial optimization, while ensuring energy efficiency, longevity, and sustainability. Ultimately, we strive to create energy-solutions that will allow for autonomous energy production so that each citizen can independently provide for themselves, thus improving his/her community-city-country-world.

With this foundation, all of our actions are pre-determined by a strongly held system of values, which places environmental awareness at the core: