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Hydro Info Systems introduces TURBNPRO Version KC4. TURBNPRO is the only software of its kind created to develop information on hydraulic turbines, their selection and application under specific site conditions. For a hydroelectric power project application, quickly estimate how large and what type of hydroturbine would best apply. The essential software tool for: hydroelectric project developers, consulting engineers performing feasibility studies and preliminary project designs, water power systems educators.

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P.O. Box 550 , Avon , Colorado 81620 USA
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Software vendor
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Hydro Power
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Nationally (across the country)

During a hydroelectric project's feasibility study and preliminary engineering phases, the optimum selection of the hydraulic turbine size, type and quantity is frequently a difficult exercise. 

TURBNPRO can reduce your design time and save money.
By using TURBNPRO to compare the dimensional impact on powerhouse design and the energy production of various turbine solutions, the User has a quick means to closely select the optimum turbine type, number and arrangement for a hydro-electric project.
TURBNPRO is also an excellent tool to acquaint and train those unfamiliar with hydro generation equipment in the applications and limitations of the various types of hydraulic turbines.
When you enter your turbine sizing criteria including:

  • Unit Discharge
  • Rated Net Head, Gross Head and Net Head Range
  • Desired turbine centerline setting to Tailwater
  • System frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
  • Efficiency Priority
  • Site Elevation and Water Temperature


  • Determine unit sizes and speeds that satisfy the criteria entered
  • Allow you to select the turbine arrangement and orientation (or let TURBNPRO select a default arrangement)
  • Show typical dimensional and performance data on your selection
  • Display performance in Hill Curve, crossplot or tabular formats
  • Display graphical views of the turbine selection
  • Present a briefing advising the advantages and disadvantages of the various arrangement types
  • All major arrangements are considered by the TURBNPRO software including:

  • November, 2011:  TURBNPRO Version KC4 is released replacing Version 3.04.
  • September, 2000: TURBNPRO Version 3.04 is released and available to all users of Version 3.0x. Version 3.04 includes minor corrections to cavitation characteristics of Axial/Propeller units. This new version creates more realistic axial unit sizes/speeds particularly when used in higher head applications.
  • August, 2000: Two copies of TURBNPRO were awarded to winners of the Hydro Power Contest held at the Hydro Vision 2000 conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • March, 2000: TURBNPRO Version 3.03 is released and available to all users of Version 3.0x. Version 3.03 includes minor corrections to the labeling on the print-outs of the Annual Energy Report and the Solution Summary Report.
  • January, 2000: TURBNPRO Version 3.02 is released with minor programming refinements.
  • October, 1999: TURBNPRO Version 3.01 is released and issued to users of Version 3.0. Version 3.01 includes a correction to the Axial/Propeller Crossplot programming which had previously developed misleading efficiency data due to rounding of the relatively low net head values being used.
  • July, 1999: Two copies of TURBNPRO Version 3.0 are awarded as second place prizes in the student division of the 1999 Hydro Power Contest held during the Waterpower ‘99 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Award is mentioned in October, 1999 issue of HYDRO REVIEW magazine.
  • April, 1999: TURBNPRO Version 3.0 for Windows 95/98 is completed and released. Version 3.0 covers Pelton as well as Francis and Axial/Propeller type hydraulic turbines and all data entry is in SI (Metric) units.
  • 1998: A news release regarding TURBNPRO Version 2.0 is published in Volume 5, Issue Two of The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams magazine.
  • December, 1997: A news release regarding TURBNPRO Version 2.0 is published in International Water Power & Dam Construction magazine.
  • March, 1997: TURBNPRO Version 2.0 for Windows 3.1 is completed and released. Version 2.0 covers only Francis and Axial/Propeller type hydraulic turbines and all data entry is in US Customary units.
  • October, 1995: TURBNPRO Version 1.0 for DOS is completed.