Hydrovolts, Inc.

Hydrovolts, Inc.

Hydrovolts, Inc.

Hydrovolts was founded in 2007 as a result of the founders directing a study examining the hydrokinetic potential of tidal systems in the Pacific Northwest. The study concluded that hydrokinetics was a promising field, but the environmental regulations and permitting burdens surrounding natural waterways were insurmountable at a large scale. The company’s founders thus focused on artificial waterways and developed the Flipwing prototype for irrigation canals in 2009, the year the company first received funding. In the intervening years, the company has raised over $3M, which it has used to hone its technology, pursue four patents to protect its revolutionary approach to micro hydropower, and develop waterfall and canal turbines.

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210 South Hudson Street, Suite 330 , Seattle , Washington 98134-2417 USA
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Hydro Power
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Nationally (across the country)
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These two product lines are representative of a broader portfolio of products Hydrovolts has in its development pipeline, and are based upon the same design principles – standardized product, scalable manufacturing, easy installation, and reliable power generation – to deliver cost-effective micro hydropower.


  • Constructed Waterfalls and Spillways
  • Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment
  • Irrigation and Water Supply Canals


The turbine is delivered ready to “plug and play,” with a power output that can be directly plugged into the load or wired for net metering. It has also been engineered for easy “drop-in”installation – no dams or construction needed. Our smaller turbines can be generating power in less than an hour.

Cost Effective:

Hydrokinetic turbines are significantly more cost effective than other small-scale renewable solutions, like wind or solar.

  • Lower cost per kWh: The turbine produces power as long as water flows. Its capacity factor is much greater than wind or solar, and therefore the cost per generated kWh is much lower.
  • Lower installation costs: Our turbine can be dropped in place, requiring only connection to an inverter and the ultimate power load. In contrast, solar and wind sites must undergo expensive and lengthy processes for planning, permitting, engineering and construction.
  • Reliable power equals reliable savings: The Hydrovolts turbine generates energy as long as the water flows. Constructed waterways have managed flows, making power generation completely predictable, unlike intermittent wind and solar power.