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Imprint Energy is commercializing a breakthrough low cost, flexible, rechargeable battery technology developed by the founders from the University of California, Berkeley. Imprint Energy’s exclusive high conductivity polymer electrolyte technology enables scalable print-based manufacturing of energy dense and ultra-thin batteries based on non-Lithium earth-abundant materials. The company aims to improve portable power by offering the performance of lithium-based batteries at significantly lower costs and by removing form factor limitations and safety concerns. Imprint Energy will utilize its unique battery technology to address the energy needs of today`s and tomorrow`s electronic devices.

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1320 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 110 , Alameda , California 94502 USA

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Imprint Energy aims to power a new generation of IoT sensors, smart labels, wearables, and displays.

We’ve developed technology to make ultrathin, flexible, printed batteries. Our batteries have higher energy density and are safer than lithium-based products. They are printed on standard commercial equipment, including high-volume roll-to-roll and SMT (surface mount technology) printers.

We manufacture and sell “standard” cells directly and are already supplying many thousands for commercial pilots.

We license our technology and proprietary materials to major EMS firms and brands so they can print their own customized cells, as part of integrated solutions, including for flexible, hybrid electronics. We have transferred our process technology to multiple firms, who have printed thousands of cells on their in-house equipment to prepare to produce millions. Imprint’s technology gives EMS firms and contract manufacturers a new capability to differentiate themselves and produce high-volume next-generation products for their customers.

Above: thousands of cells printed by an Imprint partner; custom shapes and sizes