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From its founding in 2010, Imprint Energy has set out to revolutionize portable power. We`re developing new ways to significantly improve performance and safety, remove form factor limitations, and reduce mass production costs. Our batteries are based on the ZincPoly™ electrochemistry system—a technology developed by our CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Christine Ho at UC Berkeley. Utilizing a series of electrochemical inks and an easily scalable, print-based manufacturing process, we`ve created a battery that opens doors to inventive product design possibilities. We always welcome the opportunity to build relationships with those who share in our mission to disrupt the battery industry, not to just incrementally change it. At Imprint Energy, we’re focused on transforming batteries to power the next generation of devices that will change our world.

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1320 HARBOR BAY PARKWAY , ALAMEDA , California 94502 USA

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At our core, Imprint Energy is a battery technology company.

We develop energy storage solutions for the Internet of Everything, including wearables, printed electronics, medical devices, and other small flexible products. Often times, this involves collaborating closely with product developers. Our goal is to help them realize the maximum potential for their devices by designing the battery into their product from the early stages of concepting to releasing a revolutionary product to the market. 

While we specialize in developing new battery products, we also work with partners throughout the supply chain (including materials and chemical companies, component designers, integrators, and manufacturers) to evaluate compatibility, provide R&D services, and enable new products.