Logic Energy Ltd.

Logic Energy Ltd.

Logic Energy Ltd.

Logic Energy is a leading provider of live remote monitoring systems for the renewable energy sector. When working with renewable technology it is vital to monitor, manage and control your installations with live data. Our systems have been developed with simplicity and value for money in mind, to enable you to efficiently monitor installations remotely and cost effectively.

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1 Ainslie Road, Hillington Park , Glasgow , G52 4RU United Kingdom


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Energy Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Committed to developing money saving technologies we are leaders in the live monitoring field and are driven in finding new and innovative “hidden and intelligent technology” for M2M (Machine to Machine) systems and Renewable Energy using smart connectivity.  Our systems help both business and industry to be more efficient and sustainable and in control and we believe that monitoring is essential in avoiding costly surprises, inefficiency, waste and unnecessary risk. Making technology simpler and easier for our customers to use is central to the new products that we develop and to the service we provide. Through integrating our live monitoring technologies with our individual customer’s specific needs, we deliver a reliable and trustworthy resource to strengthen and support our customer’s goals.  We are passionate about helping and supporting our customers. Our Software and Hardware platform comes from years of experience on the Industrial world, in 2007 this experience was transferred to Logic Energy to target the Renewable Energy market giving as a result one of the most comprehensive and powerful management web platforms available.  Our core products LeNETmobile GPRS and LeSENSE web portal provide the central platform live monitoring technology to a range of applications and services providing monitoring for industry, agriculture, farming and renewables and monitoring things such as cooling rooms, waste management, wind and solar PV.


  • Bespoke systems built exclusively for the individual customer to meet their needs.
  • Live remote monitoring- our team provide professional and knowledgeable advice.
  • Highly trained and reliable support staff – Integrity and commitment to our customer’s needs is central to all that we do.
  • Customer branded digital dashboards to help promote our customers values to their stakeholders.

We provide a reliable and solid Live Monitoring package and all our products have been CE and EMC tested and manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001 standards. Our servers are hosted on a SAS 70 Type II data centre, the same level of reliability and security as Banks. If you have any questions about Remote Monitoring, please email us with details and one of our technical and/or commercial members will assist you.

Logic Energy are focused on delivering integrated GSM and GPRS technology to optimise system performance and enable businesses of all types to talk to all of their machines over wired and wireless networks. We are committed to developing existing technology across all machinery and devices and enabling our customers to create brand new systems to provide flexible whole management solutions.

Our technical expertise and experience in providing bespoke solutions for our customers enables us to quickly understand system operations and integrate with them to provide new inventive technology and enhance existing systems.

Our global leadership position offers an opportunity to provide unique services for OEMs and System Integrators and we are keen to work with technology experts from other fields to provide innovative and unique solutions for their customers. By teaming up with other specialists we aim to deliver novel and ground-breaking advanced systems and add significant value.

As well as working with OEMs and system integrators we also work with Resellers and Manufacturers to enhance their existing solutions by offering additional software and support to their products and services.

Logic Energy is a leading global provider of operationally focused and highly scalable monitoring, managing and reporting solutions. We offer a unique value proposition through our truly automated wireless technology platform that assists our customers in real visibility and control of critical assets enabling them to achieve time, cost and energy efficiency within their business operations. Our systems provide live information 24/7 with data continuously saved and systematically filed to provide accurate reporting.

Our bespoke solutions are truly universal and we can assist our customers in tracking performance of all of their systems by tailoring our solutions to meet specific challenges in a variety of markets. Our experience enables us to work closely with our clients to solve specific monitoring and reporting challenges providing them with insights to better understand and deliver operational and management efficiency.

In order to deliver true business value to our clients the Logic Energy solution is focused on delivering a service that offers:

Time Savings

  • Automated data tracking in real time
  • Access online reporting 24/7 through automated management system
  • Remotely monitored network
  • Information fed direct to mobile handset or PC for real time reporting
  • Customised information in easy to read and non-technical format

Peace of Mind

  • Proactive service at all times
  • Grow your Sustainability Programme with Confidence
  • Reliable data security
  • Automated Data backups
  • Durable hardware

Energy Optimisation and Savings

  • Downtime highly minimised through automatic system alerts 24/7
  • Comparative reporting to enable swift action where necessary

Return on Investment

  • Real time data compiled into easy to read reporting to give real data transparency
  • Affordable solutions delivering analysed data to maximise returns
  • Multiple levels of hierarchy over multiple sites