Since 1871, we have been developing and producing sustainable gas engines and gensets in Mannheim. With its MWM brand, Caterpillar Energy Solutions can look back on a tradition more than 140 years old, always guided by the pioneer spirit of our founders, Carl Benz and August Ritter. The enthusiasm and innovative strength of our engineers have always continued to yield new cutting-edge solutions. They contributed to MWM`s becoming what it is today, one of the leading and most renowned brands in the field of gas engines and gensets. We thus continued to improve the output rating, efficiency and reliability of the MWM cogeneration systems and gas engines that are distributed from Mannheim throughout the globe today. The result: We have become one of the world`s leading suppliers of highly efficient and eco-friendly complete systems for distributed energy and heat generation (combined heat and power, cogeneration systems).

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More Than 100 Years of Experience in the Field of Energy Generation

MWM has more than 1,300 employees at 11 subsidiaries and is one of the world's leading providers of highly efficient, eco-friendly complete systems for the decentralized generation of heat and electricity. Based in Mannheim, Germany, the company has more than 100 years of experience in the development and optimization of plants for natural gas and special gases.

With its profound understanding of the entire value chain, MWM is a reliable partner for the development of custom-tailored, efficient energy solutions.

Eco-Friendly Plants for Decentralized Energy Generation
As a leading provider of complete solutions for decentralized energy supply, MWM delivers premium quality in all areas of the value chain. The company supplies highly efficient and ecologically advanced energy solutions with perfect fit to customers around the globe.

MWM's quality policy aims at the fulfillment or surpassing of customer requirements.

In Mannheim, Germany, MWM develops trend-setting, powerful products, services, and technologies for decentralized energy supply with gas engines. For more than 100 years, the traditional company has been a reliable partner in the development and production of customer-specific energy solutions, accompanied by extensive consulting and supervision services during the entire product lifecycle.

Optimum components tuned and configured under consideration of individual needs enable maximum efficiency of all MWM power generators. Furthermore, comprehensive MWM services secure the plant's long-term productivity and economy.

Thanks to its fuel-saving technology, MWM, like hardly any other company, stands for the responsible use of natural resources. The conviction that ecologically compatible actions can also be economical is at the center of MWM's corporate philosophy and moves the company to assume responsibility, contributing its share to sustainable energy generation.

What MWM Stands for
MWM occupies a leading market position in the field of highly efficient, ecologically advanced, decentralized energy solutions. Thus, MWM serves its customers as a globally reliable partner for verifiable, durable added value in decentralized energy generation.

MWM stands for a promise backed by more than 1,300 employees:

  • MWM employees passionately endeavor to offer the best possible product on the market and to ensure its smooth deployment through industry-grade consulting and other services.
  • MWM applies the principle of 'best possible customer value engineering'. This means that employees talk with customers, not only about machines and solutions to operational problems, but also about the economic value potential.
  • With a spirit of cooperation, MWM takes on responsibility in order to make its customers economically successful and to act responsibly under consideration of ecological efficiency aspects.

The executive team of MWM consists of seasoned industry experts who are committed to responsible, sustainable company management.

What Do the Great-Grandchildren of Carl Benz Invent Today?
MWM looks back on a tradition of more than 100 years, with an omnipresent spirit of innovation. The establishment of the 'Mechanische Werkstätte' (Mechanical Workshop) by automobile pioneer Carl Benz in Mannheim in 1871 marked the beginning of the era of gas engines. Over more than a dozen decades, the enthusiasm and innovative drive of engineers have produced an ongoing flow of new developments and contributed to MWM's current position as one of the leading providers of gas engines and power generators. Thus, MWM has continually improved the performance, efficiency, and reliability of its systems, which are sold from Mannheim to the whole world.