North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) is the leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that drives public policy and market development for clean energy. Our work enables clean energy jobs, economic opportunities and affordable energy options for North Carolinians.

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4800 Six Forks Road, Suite 300 , Raleigh , North Carolina 27609 USA
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Business Type:
Nonprofit organization (NPO)
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Energy Utilities
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Nationally (across the country)
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NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) is the leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to driving public policy and market development that creates clean energy jobs, economic opportunities and affordable energy options that benefit all North Carolinians. NCSEA works with its members and partners to transform our state and region’s energy system through leading-edge market innovation and policy advocacy primarily in ten clean energy technology sectors: alternative fuel vehicles (primarily electric vehicles), biogas, energy efficiency, energy storage, fuel cells, geothermal, hydropower/marine, smart grid, solar, and wind.

NCSEA’s evidence-based, collaborative approach to systemic energy planning is powered by leading insights from our diverse hub of energy industry leaders, utilities, customers and innovators. For forty years, our mission-driven business model has furthered the transformation of North Carolina energy policy, markets and systems which gradually make our energy clean, affordable, resilient, and secure.

The NC Sustainable Energy Association is a leading organization of individuals, businesses, government, and nonprofits interested in North Carolina's sustainable energy future.

Our mission is to drive policy and market development to create clean energy jobs, economic opportunities and affordable energy that benefits all of North Carolina.

We envision a future where North Carolina’s clean energy economy leads the nation and serves as a model for other states. Together with our membership, NCSEA is blazing the path toward this vision, where the possibilities and benefits for our state and local economies are endless, including:

  • Economic development opportunities
  • More affordable consumer bills
  • Job growth
  • Market exports
  • Local tax base expansion
  • Improved quality of life and business climate

Our goal is to cultivate a robust clean energy ecosystem that unifies and benefits all of its stakeholders: consumers, businesses, the clean energy industry and utility energy providers.

With State and Local Government:
Facilitating and supporting solutions that work for North Carolina

Elected leaders face numerous decision points that impact our shared energy future. NCSEA works to equip N.C. General Assembly and local government representatives with current, evidence-based information about clean energy’s impact on North Carolina. NCSEA also provides resources to local governments as they zone and permit clean energy.

At the NC Utilities Commission:
Championing fair rules that encourage clean energy market development

In our highly-regulated electricity market, the rules that govern energy costs impact North Carolinians’ daily lives. NCSEA's regulatory engagement encourages clean energy development by working for fair rules on issues such as implementing North Carolina's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS), interconnection and net-metering standards, energy pricing mechanisms like avoided cost rates, and energy efficiency programs.

In Your Community:
Bringing clean energy benefits home

North Carolina’s clean energy success story is about the people behind it. That’s why NCSEA strives to be a voice and a resource for the countless North Carolinians powering our shared energy economy. From tailored educational materials and custom energy planning for your community, to energy efficiency updates and opportunities to advocate for new projects, NCSEA works in all corners of the state to pair local needs with the myriad benefits clean energy offers.

In the Market:
Cutting-edge market intelligence and insights

NCSEA is the premier data service and distribution organization for clean energy in North Carolina. Our team of market intelligence experts analyze and interpret data on clean energy projects, businesses, industry development, and related activity, in order to produce targeted metrics for stakeholders in the market. We also work to ensure clean energy numbers are not only accessible, but understandable and relevant to the ongoing conversations and decision-making happening across our clean energy landscape.

With Energy Utilities:
Crafting a mutually beneficial clean energy future

North Carolina’s investor-owned utilities (IOUs), electric cooperatives (co-ops), and municipal-owned electric distribution systems (munis) are in different phases of clean energy adoption. Through our Utility Solutions Program, NCSEA meets providers where they are, acting as a resource, facilitator, and strategist to identify the unique ways they can benefit from clean energy.