Best price solar power in New Zealand. SOLAR PV & all products that solar panels power. We supply it all for the Home, Camper, Caravan, Boat, Bach, Off Grid. We have the best prices in New Zealand.0800PVSOLAR. We sell the best quality for the best price." Solar & all energy savings products". We supply solar for the Home, Camper, Caman, Boat, Bach and Off grid. We have the best prices in New Zealand with our uniquely drop shipping business model. 0800PVS0LAR for a obligation free quote.

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34 Treeview Avenue , Glenfield, Auckland , New Zealand
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

Northside Solar is a drop ship company. This is, products for Solar Powered products are on the manufactures shelf. Not Ours, Doing business this way, we deliver the best, up to the minute price in New

Zealand probably the World also enabling state of the art technology. We have a small grid system supplying power back to the grid which can demonstrate to you savings. Supply channels have been developed and negotiated from all over the world. A lot of work is consistently being done in this area. We are always researching products to import into New Zealand and being determined to bring the best price possible. When products come from overseas, we take your order, then air freight most products to you door.

Solar Panels and batteries are manufactured on demand and takes up to 10 days to manufacture and the 15 to 21 days for delivery from factory buy sea to Auckland Sea Port. 55% Deposit is required up front to arrange all products we import on demand, a signed contract including an obligation that when the products arrive in the New Zealand the dents will be required to complete the purchase. all conditions have to apply. Please read our terms, to protect uou and northside-solar. This creates a square level playing field for both parties to work on. 0800PVS0LAR if you would like to discuss this.