Ochsner heat pumps

OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH was founded in 1978 by graduate engineer Karl Ochsner. He is now managing partner and runs the company together with his son Karl Junior. The company was one of the first in Europe to begin manufacturing heat pumps on an industrial scale. OCHSNER Wärmepumpen now has a significant share of the market for innovative heating and air-conditioning technology in Austria and Germany as well as in Eastern Europe.

Company details

Ochsner-Strasse 1 (for sat-nav systems: road to motorway 2) , Haag , Tyrol A 3350 Germany

Locations Served

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Industry Type:
Energy - Power Distribution
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

It also operates sales and service centres in these countries. OCHSNER products can also be found in many other European countries and even as far afield as Australia.

OCHSNER is regarded as a technology leader and is one of the best-known European manufacturers in the sector. The company's Haag plant currently manufactures up to 8000 heat pumps per year.

OCHSNER - strength through tradition

OCHSNER's head office was founded in Silesia back in 1872. At that time, however, the company's product range was limited to appliances and pumps.

Between 1946 and 1992 the Linz factory was renowned for its technical excellence in process pumps. Among its customers it counted well-known international mechanical engineering of equipment companies as well as the US Navy and NASA.

Since 1992 Karl Ochsner and his team have concentrated exclusively on heat pumps. He is now assisted by his son Karl Ochsner Junior.

Looking to the future

Our vision is to use environmental energy to help secure our shared national and global energy future. Included within this strategy is the reduction of emissions and the conservation of finite resources.

Visionary goals
  • To achieve independence from fossil resources for heating and cooling
  • To minimise the impact on the environment and to contribute to climatic protection
  • To be recognised as one of Europe's leading heat pump specialists
  • To position our heat pumps as an ideal use of environmental energy
  • To deliver cost-efficient heating and cooling with our heat pumps
  • Honesty in what we say and reliability and thoughtfulness in what we do, both within the company and outside
  • Partnership with business allies and companies to achieve and benefit from our goals
  • Professionalism in management, openness to initiative and individual responsibility for personal development
  • Accomplishment of corporate goals
  • Strengthening of environmental awareness. For instance, OCHSNER heats its Linz and Haag sites with heat pumps and green electricity causing zero emissions.
Strategic goals
  • To maintain independence from political and economic agendas
  • To make profits in order to secure the future of our company
  • To operate an integrated business with its own R&D, production, sales and customer service departments
  • Market segmentation in the space heating market for single-family and multi-family homes and commercial applications for heating, cooling, domestic water preparation and waste heat recovery
  • Our portfolio should offer customers a complete range of products for ground, water and air heat sources and for outputs from 1 kW to 1 MW
Operational goals
  • To understand and meet customer requirements
  • To provide customer satisfaction through reliability
  • To implement our Total Quality culture through holistic thought and action
  • To position ourselves in the highest quality segment of the market (technology leader/quality leader/best price-performance ratio)
  • To strengthen our position at the forefront of technology and to develop our technical advancement and our core skills
Social responsibility
  • Support of charitable projects in austria and other countries.