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  • Fixing Solar Panels

    Fixing Solar Panels

    4 operators and 1 day for fixing solar panels with 700 modules. The extreme easiness of the 'Omnia' System, allows reducing the fixing solar panels times to the minimum. The step of assembling the joints actually does not provide for any squaring or levelling, given that the coupling of the various elements fastened by the bolts allows self-adjustment and the perfect aligning thereof. An advantage of this system definitely lies in the quick error-free...

  • Solar Panels Mounting Systems

    Solar Panels Mounting Systems

    As previously mentioned, the main advantage of the 'Omniablok' casting photovoltaic panel fixing system lies in the simplicity of assembly and procedures to installing solar panels. Fixing photovoltaic panels using the structure studied by Omnia allows major advantages, both for the installer and for the end user of the panels.