Rainpower Norway as

Rainpower Norway as

Rainpower ASA is the new hydro power alternative in Norway. 150 years of experience and expertise within hydro-electric power generation is now back on Norwegian hands! Rainpower is a supplier of technology, products and services to the hydro power industry. Our deliveries include high pressure turbines, small hydro power plants, technology, maintenance, refurbishment, upgrading and general services. Rainpower will, through experience, know-how and service, contribute to increased efficiency within the hydro power market.

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Instituttveien 8, P.O. Box 144 , Kjeller , Norway 2007 Norway
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Hydro Power
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The company's technology is based on traditional hydropower technique developed in Norway over many decades, and is a special constant technology with new and effective products and solutions for hydropower. Today Rainpower is a highly skilled and flexible company with operations
both in Norway and abroad.
Our principal activity is to develop and deliver effective, reliable and innovative energy solutions based on hydropower. We have leading technology for medium- and high-pressure hydroelectric turbines, inlet valves, hatches and pipes. We are also the leading Norwegian supplier of excitation and governor. Rainpower is a leading provider of service and upgrade projects, both in terms of hydro mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and systems.


Rainpower has unique expertise and skilled engineers. We have one of the best equipped laboratories for turbine model testing, and we have a workshop with skilled workers. Our engineers have been involved in some of the largest and most prestigious projects in the world, such as Three Gorges Project in the Yangtze Three Gorges, China and the Guri Project in Venezuela.
We have the necessary energy and ambition needed to develop new technology and new solutions for renewable energy. Our strategy is continued growth organically and through acquisition, combined with the development of the existing organization.

Rainpower Group

Rainpower Group consists of the following operating companies:
  • Rainpower Norway AS; development, sales, construction and project management (Kjeller)
  • Rainpower Services AS; manufacturing, service, upgrades and spare parts (Sørumsand)
  • Hymatek Controls AS; excitation and governor (Oslo)
  • Rainpower Kristinehamn AB; turbine development, construction (Kristinehamn, Sweden)
  • Rainpower Switzerland AG; sales and project (Windisch, Switzerland)
  • Rainpower Hydro Enerji ve Ticaret Limited sirketi; sales and project (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Rainpower North America Inc .; sales and project (Oakville, Canada)
  • Rainpower Peru S.A.C .; sales and project (Lima, Peru)
  • Rainpower Hangzhou Company Limited; Procurement, production monitoring and construction (Hangzhou, China)

Our guidelines for social responsibility are rooted in Rainpower´s policy for quality and HSE, and our manuals for quality, HSE and ethics. We build our terminology and understanding on ISO 26000.
We will work to bring lasting and environmentally friendly values to our customers and the society at large in the countries we work in.
Requirements for ourselves:
  • We choose solutions based on the premise that they should have a positive impact on the communities we work in
  • We fulfil the ten principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labor standard, environmental protection and anti-corruption
  • We work for transparency in all aspects of our business
  • We make sustainable impact on environment and society an important part of our business plans
  • We show social responsibility (CSR) in all parts of our project
  • We require that local suppliers follow applicable laws and show social responsibility in their work
  • We participate in national and international forums to promote an environmentally friendly hydropower industry
  • We support the education of engineers in hydroelectric and turbine technology

The engineering and manufacturing environment at Lodalen in Oslo was established more than 150 years ago, and was for many generations owned by Kværner; for some years also by GE Energy. In 2007 it was bought by the Norwegian company NLI. Gradually the Rainpower Group has assembled a broad range of competence comprising technology development, engineering, hydropower laboratory testing, governor, excitation, generator and manufacturing.

Hydropower in Norway

Norwegian hydropower is by and large the history of Kværner Brug - the company which was established in Lodalen in 1853. In the early days the company manufactured a bit of everything, also castings for the building industry. However, a milestone was reached when the first turbine was delivered. It had 230 horsepower, and a hydraulic head of eleven metres. The first turbine for a hydropower electricity plant was delivered in 1890, a Pelton turbine in 1895 and a Francis turbine in 1898.

Hydraulic head between 250 and 600 metres is typical in Norway. Kværner realized early the importance of high head turbines - Francis and Pelton - and developed these to a level which made them attractive on the international markets. This has resulted in significant exports of turbines from Norway.

Good access to energy from our many water falls means that Norway and Norwegian industry since the early 20th century has generated a significant share of their energy from hydropower; this has continued up till now. The large boom in Norwegian hydropower development took place after the second World War when development of these resources took place with a great deal of optimism. During the last years there have been fewer new hydropower projects, but there is still a lot of refurbishment of older and newer power plants taking place.

Rainpower is a company that is reponsible for the employees´health, safety and environment, by means of adhering to laws and regulations, and by making use of our advanced hydropower technology.

The company´s purpose is to develop, manufacture and deliver products and services in a manner that:

  • Protects the environment and protects the health and safety of the employees, customers and society at large
  • Is in accordance with laws and regulations