RGE Energy UK Limited

RGE Energy UK is your number one choice for sustainable energy solutions. We have the in house capacity to offer the planning, construction, financing, operations, and monitoring of solar photovoltaic power plants all from one source and furthermore realise wind plants.

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Communications House, 26 York Street, Mayfair , London , United Kingdom W1U 6PZ United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)
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Through the combination of expertise, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit, RGE demonstrates the power to put things into practice. As an affiliated company of Deutsche Eco AG, RGE Energy UK benefits from many years of expertise in constructing solar plants and expanded this knowledge into the wind sector.

Experience, technical expertise, and real-world business know-how enable us to quickly and professionally implement your project. Our structures are lean, our decision making processes short, precise, and structured. We turn ideas into action.

When it comes to financing transparency, stability and honesty are the cornerstones of our approach. This has led to a company with strong financials and happy customers to whom we guarantee the highest quality of planning and reliability.   

As a business principle we value responsible  and sustainable environmental protection. We fundamentally believe that an eco-friendly energy supply makes both business sense and enhances a better future for all of us.

'Our vision is to secure a sustainable and economical energy production which is independent from exhaustible fossil fuels.  As a result of our work we wish to contribute to the production of reliable clean energy for the security of future generations.  We believe that renewable and emissions free energy is the only way contribute sustainably to environmental protection and slow down climate change.'

RGE Energy began with the spirit of innovation. In 2003, Elias Issa, later CEO of Deutsche Eco AG, founded SolarWerk GbR. His idea was to offer photovoltaic systems as an investment and thereby contribute to ecological power generation.

In 2005, strong growth led Mr. Issa to expand and rename SolarWerk into KOGEP GmbH. In 2007, Elias Issa met Sven Bartelt-Muszynski, the managing director of SBU Photovoltaik GmbH. With years of experience in installing solar power plants, SBU Photovoltaik GmbH was the perfect addition to the business services offered by KOGEP GmbH. Therefore, in that same year, both entrepreneurs founded RGE Energy AG and ever since, SBU has been a wholly owned subsidiary of RGE Energy AG. In 2008 RGE Energy AG began broadening its services outside of the photovoltaic industry to the wind sector.

To expand into future markets abroad, RGE Energy UK was founded as an affiliated company of RGE Energy AG in 2010. In 2011 RGE Energy AG (Germany) was renamed Deutsche Eco AG.